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Where do you find Entie on Pokemon LeafGreen?


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You can only capture Entei if you start off with Bulbusaur. You get Suciune if you start off with Charmander and Raikou if you start off with Squirtle.


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You cannot catch Entie in Pokemon Emerald. You can catch Entie in FireRed, LeafGreen, HeartGold, and SoulSilver. You can trade Entie to Emerald from FireRed and LeafGreen.

It randomly jumps out of the grass anywhere so called but also can someone answer this question Do you have to beat the Pokemon League before you get entie?

If your talking about Entei, you don't. Trade him from FireRed or LeafGreen.

You run into entei randomly and use a masterball

No either trade one from firered or leafgreen or get one from Pokemon colosseum.

100% Entie Yes Entie is the better Pokemon

Moltress Articuno Zapdos Mew Mewtwo Deoxys Lugia Ho-oh ; Entie,Suicune, or Raiku (depending on the starter)

Well you have to first get up to 10 Pokemon in your pokedex,next you will have to find entie you will find Entie in the hoen league,And then you have to back to profeser Oak and he will barrow you're Entie and the you leave it with him then go and do 3 circules in the grass and 1 startter Pokemon may show up.

to get suicune you have to choose charmander as your starter Pokemon as with riakou you have to choose squirtel and entie bulbasuar by having charmander as ur starter.

You must have chosen bulbusaur at the beginning of the game and have the pokedex eventually entei will show up when your in grass. If you didn't choose bulbusaur find someone who did get entei, if you have a Pokemon colosseum you get a shadow entei from the game.

you are supposed to find it in jungle relic after you capture entie there

No, you cannot find cyndaquil in LeafGreen.

Piplup does not exist in Pokemon LeafGreen or FireRed.

yes i did this in leafgreen to catch rayqasa NOTE:you must start with baulbasuar itried the other 2 it did not to catch the flowing Pokemon have them in this order(venusaur entie mewtwo zapdos articono moltres) and you will find 1any were

When you find summer ( your partner) entie will jump down from a hill at you, battle him to get the emblem. entie can smash rocks in his way

trade a Pokemon from emerald with the HM dive into leafgreen

LeafGreen version does not have Growlithe.

You cannot catch houndour in Pokemon leafgreen either get one from Pokemon emerald or Pokemon colosseum.

That item doesn't exist in leafgreen.

you cannot get the regi's in Pokemon leafgreen unless you trade them from Pokemon ruby,sapphire,or emerald

There aren't growlithe in LeafGreen. FireRed has growlithe, LeafGreen has vulpix.

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