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YOU CANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only in Emerald and Ruby.

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Q: Where do you find Groudon in Pokemon sapphire?
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Pokemon sapphire Groudon?

Not in sapphire.

Where do you catch Groudon in Pokemon Sapphire?

Groudon is not available in Sapphire. You have to trade it from Pokemon Ruby, and there is only one Groudon in the whole Ruby cannot catch groudon in sapphire, but you can have it by transfering it from Pokemon ruby or from Pokemon emeraldyou cannot catch groudon in sapphire, but you can have it by transfering it from Pokemon ruby or from Pokemon emerald

Where do you find growdown in Pokemon Sapphire?

Groudon cannot be found in Sapphire. Hence, it has to be traded from Ruby.

Were do you find the Pokemon kioger in Pokemon Ruby?

You can't get Kyogre in Pokemon Ruby but you can get Kyogre in Pokemon emerald and sapphire and in ruby you only get groudon and rayquaza. In sapphire you get Kyogre and rayquaza and in emerald you can get groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza.

What is the Groudon gameshark code for Pokemon Sapphire?

The gameshark code for groudon in pokemon sapphire is 83007D220195 it really works you will get a level 45 groudon in any grass if it not work , find other answers because mine works :)

At which route can you find Groudon in Pokemon ruby?

in origin cave where u find kyogre in sapphire

Where to catch Groudon in pokemon sapphire?

You can't. You can only catch groudon in pokemon ruby.

Where should you go to catch Groudon in Pokemon sapphire?

you can only get groudon on Pokemon ruby.

Where to catch Groudon on Pokemon Sapphire?

You can't get groudon on sapphire so have ruby or emerald trade you one.

Where do you get grodon in Pokemon sapphire?

we don't get groudon in Pokemon sapphire. we get it in only ruby and emerald

How do you get Groudon in Pokemon Pearl?

You can not get groudon in Pokemon pearlYou can get it through migrating from ruby, sapphire, or emerald.

How do you get Groudon in Pokemon Silver?

Groudon cannot be caught in Pokemon Silver. Groudon was introduced in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, which came out after Silver.

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