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First go to rusburo, and go to the beach. surf up, (keep to the left) until you get to an island, miss that one and go to the next. there are some trainers and some grass. iff you search long enough, you should find one.

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Q: Where do you find Jigglypuff in Pokemon emerald?
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What Pokemon evolve with a moon stone in Pokemon emerald?

The only Pokemon that evolve with a Moon Stone in Emerald are Jigglypuff and Skitty. Skitty evolves into Delcatty and Jigglypuff evolves into Wigglytuff

What Pokemon evolves with a moon stone in Pokemon emerald?

In Emerald, the only Pokemon that evolve with a Moon Stone are Jigglypuff, and Skitty. Skitty and Jigglypuff both are normal-type Pokemon. Skitty can be found in Route 116, east of Rustoboro City, and they are very hard to find. Jigglypuff can be found in Route 155, north of Rustoboro City. Jigglypuff evolves into Wigglytuff, anf Skitty evolves into Delcatty.

How do you find a Pokemon that knows dig in Pokemon Emerald?

Breed jigglypuff. Igglybuffs sometimes know how to dig.... It may be impossible but it works for me!

Where do you catch Jigglypuff in Pokemon emerald?

i think jigglypuff is found somewhere inside the safari zone but not sure.

Does a Jigglypuff to evolve in Pokemon Emerald?

It will evolve when you use a moon stone on it.

What Pokemon evolves with moon stone in Pokemon emerald?

Nidorino, Nidorina, Skitty, Jigglypuff, Clefairy.

Is there another way to evolve Jigglypuff other then the moon stone on Pokemon emerald?


How do you get igglypuff in Pokemon Emerald?

Put in day-care a ditto and a jigglypuff or a wigglytuff together.

What Pokemon can you evovle in Pokemon emerald with the moon stone?

The only native Pokemon in emerald that use the moon stone to evolve are Skitty, which evolves into Delcatty, and Jigglypuff, which evolves into Wigglytuff.

Where can you find Jigglypuff in Pokemon Emerald?

First you need a Pokemon that knows surf. Then surf all the way up from Rusboro City to an island, not the one where battle girl is located.

How do you get an iglybuff in Pokemon emerald?

Trade over two jigglypuff from FR/LG and breed them for an igglybuff.

Where is groudan in Pokemon Emerald?

where can i find groudan in Pokemon emerald

Where to find Jigglypuff in Pokemon sapphire version?

Route 115

What will a moon stone evolve in Pokemon emerald?

a moon stone will evolve nidorino,nidorina,clefairy,jigglypuff,and skitty

Were can you find a Jigglypuff in Pokemon FireRed?

You can find it on Route 3, about 10% of the time.

Where to find regigigas in Pokemon emerald?

you cant get reggiggas in Pokemon emerald

Where can you find a miststone in Pokemon emerald?

there is no mist stone in Pokemon emerald

Are there digletts in Pokemon Emerald?

There is nowhere that you can find diglett in Pokemon emerald.

Were can you find Infernape in emerald?

You cannot find an infernape in Pokemon emerald for that Pokemon you need Pokemon platinum, pearl or diamond.

How do you catch Jigglypuff in emerald?

There is a secret area on the route north of rustboro city that is accessible if you use Surf you can find some trainers, secret bases and grass in the grass you can find Swellow and Jigglypuff.

How do you evolve Jigglypuff into wigglytuff on Pokemon emerald?

you'll need a moon stone, to get it go till you reach the end of the cave.

What type is the Pokemon Jigglypuff?

Jigglypuff is the dual Normal/Fairy-type Pokemon.

Where to find dawnstone in emerald?

You can't find a Dawnstone in Pokemon Emerald

Where to find wiglytuff in Pokemon white?

you cant but you can find jigglypuff around route 14

Where do you catch a Jigglypuff in Pokemon Red?

You can find a few on route 3.