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He is not in Pokemon: Sapphire. You will not be able to find him. He is in Pokemon: Diamond, Pokemon: Pearl, and Pokemon: Platinum. You will definitely have trouble finding him in Pokemon: Sapphire.

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Q: Where do you find MrCortnent in sapphire?
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You cant find minum in Sapphire version?

you can find minum in sapphire in lots of places

Can you find a manphy in sapphire?

You cannot find a Manaphy or a Phione in Sapphire since it's from generation 4 and Sapphire is a generation 3 game.

In Pokemon Sapphire where do you find groundoun?

Sadly, you can't catch Groundon is the Sapphire Version, however you can in the Ruby version, you will find him in the same place you find Kyorge in the sapphire version.

Where can you find the national pokedex in Pokemon Sapphire?

you cant find it, you have to see all the Pokemon sapphire.

How do you find a miststone in Pokemon sapphire?

There is no mist stone in sapphire.

How do you find Lucario in the sapphire?

Lucario isn't in Sapphire,Sapphire is a Hoenn pokemon,Lucario is a sinnoh pokemon.

Can you find a latios in Pokemon Sapphire?

No, you cant. After you beat the Champion in Ruby/Sapphire, you will either find Latias or Latios. In Sapphire it's Latias, and in Ruby its Latios.

Where can you find a sneasel in Pokemon sapphire?

actually you don't find a sneasel in Pokemon sapphire you only get it by trading

How do you get a zangoose on Pokemon sapphire?

you can't find it in Pokemon sapphire, but you can find it in Pokemon ruby. Hope this helped. :-)

Where do you find swablu in Pokemon sapphire?

You can find Swablu in Routes 114, and 115. In Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.

Do you find Teddiursa in Sapphire in the Safary Zone?

No, you can't find Teddiursa in Pokémon Sapphire, only in Emerald.

Where to find shelldon in Pokemon sapphire?

You cant, its not found in pokemon sapphire.

Where do you find Deoxeus in Pokemon Sapphire?

You don't get deoxeus in sapphire. You have to trade.

Where to find snow point city in sapphire?

It doesn't exist in Sapphire.

Where can you find Pokemon's mansion in Pokemon sapphire?

There is no Pokemon mansion in sapphire.

Where can you find latios sapphire?

you have to find him with chance

Where can you find the ruby and sapphire for the machine?

you find them

Where can you find a diglett in Pokemon Sapphire?

I'm sorry but you can't find a diglett in Pokemon sapphire, you can only get it by trading

Were to find latios in sapphire?

You can only get latias in sapphire get latios from ruby or emerald.

Where can you find mister poopoe in Pokemon sapphire?

This person doesn't exist in sapphire.

How do I find a bike in Pokรฉmon sapphire... :(?

I know

Can you find Eevee in Pokemon Sapphire?

No, it isn't possible to find Eevee in Sapphire. You'll have to trade one from FireRed/LeafGreen.

Where do you find diglett in Pokemon sapphire?

Diglett is not in sapphire trade with firered or leafgreen to get one.

Where do you find masterballs in Pokemon sapphire for gba?

you cant get sapphire master balls i thinck

Where do you find latios in Sapphire?

Latios is a dragon and psychic type of Pokemon. In Pokemon Sapphire, you can find him roaming around in random locations.