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you can get it by going to fuego fireworks but you nedd surf monkey

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You can find the TM Flamethrower in the Game Corner in Goldenrod city for 10,000 prize coins.

The number of the TM for Flamethrower is TM29.

You can trade a Pokemon that is holding the TM from diamond to soulsilver or pearl or platinum or you can migrate a Pokemon holding the TM from ruby, sapphire or emerald or firered or leafgreen.

TM35 (Flamethrower) is located in the Abundant Shrine.

You get the TM Flamethrower at the Abundant Shrine.

FlamethrowerFire blastOverheatWill-o-wisp

Aura sphere isn't a TM in Pokemon platinum.

Veilstone Game Corner Exchange, the TM (35) is bought for 10,000 coins which is about 200,000 dollars

Flamethrower is TM 35 and you can buy it in the celadon game corner

There's no tm for it. Pokemon can only learn it.

you can find flamethrower around mt silver not inside it but if u look around u can find the reapers cloth and flamethrower head east from the Pokemon center and u will find flamethrower

You can get TM 25 (Flamethrower) at the Mauville Game Corner for 4000 coins.

In Pokemon Platinum, Flash is a TM.

No, you can not find it in platinum. Moreover, I do not believe that TM EVER existed in any pokemon game though...........

You can find Flamethrower as TM. After getting the National Pokedex, you can find it at Abundant Shrine. Come prepared, though, because many Pokemon leading there are unusually strong.

horn drill is not a TM in Pokemon platinum.

Tm 60 in Pokemon Platinum is drain punch

there is no TM for thunderpunch but Pokemon like electivire or medicham can learn it.

u could get the TM in the Pokemon lottery in emerald version

You can "purchase" a flamethrower TM in the game corner coin-tradey place.

You buy it at Mauville game corner for 4,000 coins

Palkia can learn flamethrower with a TM otherwise NO

u can find a bird Pokemon (starly and on.........) or find the TM

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