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In your backyard!!!! ;)

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There is no 'platnium', but you can find it on wild pokemon.

You can't find Registeel in Pokemon Platnium. You just migrate it in Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Sapphire, and Pokemon Emerald.

I am afraid you cannot find Roselia in leaf green.You have to trade it from other Pokemon games,but not Fire Red

No, you'll have to trade it from Platnium. Which in Platnium you find it in the Rock Peak Ruins.

you cant that's a Pokemon move and Pokemon can learn it

Roselia is a Grass and Poison type pokemon.

you have to trade him from Pokemon platnium

you can find one with a traner on 216

You cannot find a Phionie, you have to breed a Manaphy.

you have to find the man that deletes any move

On the route west from mauville city look for Roselia in the grass it's rare to find though.

you can get it at lost tower, or eterna forest,but you have to have Pokemon pearl version

No, you can't find any starter Pokemon in the wild in any region.

There is no location in Platinum for the 152nd Pokemon (Chikorita); you have to use Pal Park.

you cant catch it in platnium but you can trade it

you have to transfer it to the Pal Park after you get the National Pokedex.

on route 218 after you complete the sinnho dex

You get it in route 204 south of eterna city.

get a munchlax and evolve it you get munchlaxes at the honey trees

You trade for it like anyone else

You can find a Protector on Iron Island and route 228.

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