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Where do you find a cute boyfriend?

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at a foot ball game. a lot of cute boys are athletes at a foot ball game. a lot of cute boys are athletes

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Your boyfriend and you in a sentence?

Your boyfriend and you are cute together :)

How do you get summer boyfriend?

You find a cute blonde surfer boy and start talking to him about what he likes to do.

Why is your boyfriend so cute?

My boyfriend is so cute because he is the most adorable thing on this planet, that's why (;

How do you look cute for your boyfriend?

Ask your boyfriend. His is the opinion that matters.

Do Miley Cyrus have a cute boyfriend?

mileys boyfriend is Justin gayston

How do you flirt with a boyfriend over aim to act cute with any cute expressions or ways of talking on aim and text?

What I do with my boyfriend is I talk about how cute he is, and how much I love him. You should try it!!

What cause and effect relationships about clothes?

Cute clothes+ugly person= Cute but shallow boyfriend or girlfriend. Cute clothes+cute person= Cute boyfriend or girlfriend. P.S.- I'm sorry to say it, but guys like it if you show a little skin.

How to get a boyfriend on ourworld?

Go to The Boardwalk, Buzz, or Electric Avenue. It helps alot to find the cute guys. When you find them... talk to them and get to know them then ask them out!

You want to say something cute to your boyfriend?

tell him how cute he is or good heis to you

What do you do when your friend thinks your boyfriend is cute?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with your friend thinking your boyfriend is cute. In fact, it is a compliment. Tell her "Thank you. I think he is cute, too." Now, here is what you should not do: You should NOT overreact and read something more into her saying your boyfriend is cute than simply she thinks he's cute. DO NOT assume she wants your boyfriend and go off on her. You will most likely look very foolish if you do. She just said she thinks he's cute. That's it. It is no big deal.

What should i say when my boyfriend isn't cute anymore?

well, if you love him, then to you he will always be 'cute'.

What are some cute things you can say in a letter to your boyfriend?

Your boyfriend will think that just about anything you say is cute, but tell him how much you love him and how lucky you think you are to have him.

How can you find out what is bothering your boyfriend?

Nothing he just is trying 2 be roomatike. well i dont have a boyfriend. but i have a crush. and he doenst like me. and i dont know why. i mean i think im cute.

What is a cute way to say goodnight to your boyfriend?

a cute way to say goodnight to your boyfriend is send him a text saying goodnight and tell him how much you love him and why you love him i do it to my boyfriend and it works out all of the time

What are some cute boyfriend girlfriend quotes?

Within you, I lose myself. Without you, I find myself wanting to be lost again

Did helen keller have a boyfriend?

yes i think Helen had a boyfriend cause she was to cute to not have one.

Is it weird to call a guy cute?

No, I called my boyfriend cute before. Until he broke up with me.

What do you say when a guy says what's a cute thing like you doing without a boyfriend?

when a guy says whats a cute thing like you doing without a boyfriend means that he wants to be your boyfriend or that you should get one

Who does malakai like?

my boyfriend his name is glenn he is cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A cute nickname for your boyfriend?

It depends on what kind of guy!

What is it like in Hawaii's lake?

Ned,my boyfriend is cute

What is a cute nickname for your boyfriend that boxes?

call him pup! because if he's a boxer then he's like the breed of dog which is a boxer, and if he's cute then he's like a puppy! call him pup! its a super cute boyfriend name!

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