Where do you find bunny ears on 24 carrot island in poptropica?


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in the place where only bunny drones are allowed

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you go to the door where bunny drones are aloud

You Have to Go Inside the factory and go talk to one of the menions

It is in the factory in the processing room

go to the place where it was only bunny drones allowed.go past the two smashing thinges and sqeezers.go up the pipe and then you will see them

if you are talking about in 24 carrot then try to find the bunny ears yours truly, Skullboy99

The most humorous, with rabbot ears and a giant Space Rabbot, is 24 Carrot Island.

you put the on then you can go through the door in the big room

Its inside of the processing room through the exit door but to go through the exit door you have to have bunny ears which you can look up to find out how to get them

he is in the factory the second time you go into the room in the bottom left hand corner once you get the rabbot ears he is there

The Rabbot ears control the drone workers. There is a pair in the chamber below the entry door in the Processing Room. Just try to get in, and a trap door will drop you there.

You have to talk to the person who has bunny ears on and distract them. Then you shut the bunny ears off. And the guy will give you this password. Your welcome!!!

An evil bunny stole all the carrots on 24 Carrot Island. Your objective is to defeat his plot and crash his spaceship, and free the rabbot drones from their metallic bunny ears. Dr. Hare is the mastermind of the plot to steal all the island's carrots. He is using them to make rocket fuel for his giant space rabbot. You have to find him and prevent him from succeeding.

If you wanto look like a bunny u need whiskers and a werewolfboy costume you will also need rabbit ears in 24 carrot island.okay first put up the werewolf costume and click the fur part. keep whiskers on!.then u need buck teeth. Then place the iron ears on your head.There you go your a bunny!

first get the bunny ears from the lab then you are done

tell the bunny drone to turn around then turn off the ears

Dr. Hare is using mind-control rabbot ears on 24 Carrot island, and Sir Rebral is using telekinesis on Super Power Island. (see the two related questions)

After you have found the metallic bunny ears in Poptropica, you go into the processing room and in there, you go to the sign that says AUTHORIZED BUNNY DRONES ONLY. Click on that sign and then there is a door that makes you fall down. After you have fallen down, you go through the crusher and lava stuff, go up, and there are the bunny ears. Put them on quickly so drones will recognize you and won't trap you. Go through the exit vent and keep on playing from there.(:

first you go to the processing room and click on the door then you will fall through the floor just go around the tunnels soon you will see it click on it the put it on hope this helps

you try to get through the doors again and it will let you in

You go into the processing room and go all the way right the go down the thing that says "authorized bunny drones only" and make your way through the stamping things and the squirting carrot thing and then just jump up onto the platform above of you and the will be right there.

you type the password: fuzzybunny in the computer in Dr. Hare's room. you need the rabbot ears to get in that room.

Bunny ears serve many purposes. Bunny ears are used by the animal known as rabbits for hearing sounds. Humans use fake bunny ears for costume purposes.

you go to the far right of the processing room and there will be a chute click enter and they will be in that room

there is not a code for the bunny ears

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