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In space.

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Where can you find good info on comets?

you can find good info about comets on GOOGLE.

Find out the folk beliefs or legends and scientific explanation ofphenomena of comets?


Where do you find comets in the solar system?

comets can be found in the oort cloud to the south of Pluto

When can you find the milky way?

You can find Planets, Billions of Stars, and Comets, meteoroids, comets, black holes and alot of other stuff.

What can you find in space?

you can find many things like stars, galaxies, comets, planets

Where might we find most likely find material from the young solar system?

In comets

Near what gas planet would you find comets?


What are superstitions and beliefs about comets asteroids and meteors?

There are many superstitions that comets, asteroids, and meteors are signs of the end of the world. If you research history, you can find that a lot of comets coincide with natural disasters. This has been a big reason that some people believe comets are a sign of doomsday. Again, this is a superstition. The Bible identifies apostates with comets and asteroids.

Why do astronomers find comets interesting?

One reason is because comets are thought to be made of the very materials from which the other objects in the solar system formed.

What can you find in the Kuiper Belt?

Minor planets, comets, asteroids, and dust.

Where can you find information on comets?

online (type in "comet info" at

What do comets and asteroids not have in common?

Comets are Comets and Asteroids are Asteroids

Who invented comets?


What are the similarities between planets and comets?

Find Another website this one is crap

Where can we find meteors and comets?

You will find comets in space. They can be seen periodically as they make their orbits around the Sun, usually at very long distances from it. Meteors you will see as bits of space debris goes through the Earth's atmosphere.

How far comets from the sun?

how far are comets from the sun how far are comets from the sun

Do comets have an atmosphere?

No, comets do not have an atmosphere.

How are comets classified?

how are comets classfied

How many comets are there on planet Neptune?

There are no comets on Neptune because Neptune is a planet and comets are, well, comets. They have nothing to do with each other.

Does planet mercury have comets?

comets crash into all planets!Planets don't have comets. Planets have moons. Comets orbit the sun

What is the possessive noun for comets?

The singular form is comet, the plural form is comets, the possessive plural is comets'. Example: The comets' paths will not cross.

What types of objects would you find in the Kuiper Belt?

You can find Pluto and other dwarf planets, rocks, comets, etc.

What is a comets place in space?

Comets move

Are comets rocks?

Yes Comets are Rocks

Do comets or asteroids have a gas tail?