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Where do you find exploded views of 1988 Ford F150 4x4 brake and rotor parts?


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2011-09-15 11:12:56
2011-09-15 11:12:56

chiltons service manual has the best


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Try This is the web site for Numrich gun parts. Hundreds of exploded views. They stock thousands of obsolete parts and most of the exploded views are free to view or you can purchase for a couple of bucks

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your local NAPA should have exploded views of all trannies in their tranny parts book

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Gun Digest, Exploded views.... Numrich Arms Parts Catalog...

User Avatar they have exploded views of lots of transmissions

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Answer Isometric view is a drawing where the axis is rotated so that all three are seen at once. Usually a mechanical drawing will show a true view of two axis as seen from the 3rd axis. The dimensions in the isometric view are not true lenghts since the object is shown in perspective angle. An exploded view is where the individual pieces of the assembly is shown sperate from the other. Isometric exploded views are typical method to show parts for an Illustrated Parts Catalog.

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