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You can find Ho-Oh at League Champion- Steven map.

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Where to find burmy on Pokemon indigo?

you can't find burmy in Pokemon indigo

How do you get hooh in soul silver?

you have to wait after you beat the indigo plateau

Where can you find an elekid on Pokemon indigo?

you cant as Pokemon indigo is not a real game

Where do you find the Pokemon ente i in Pokemon indigo?

Entei can be found in Nimbasa City in Pokemon Indigo.

How do you get a hooh with modifier?

Shut up and listen WHAT the hell is hooh hooh or Ho-Oh is a legendary Pokemon in the Pokemon games Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal. I don`t exually have an answer for the first question though...

Where do you find machop in Pokemon indigo?

Machop can be found in Lilycove City in Pokemon Indigo.

Is every Pokemon in Pokemon indigo?

Yes, there is every Pokemon on Indigo. The easiest way to find Pokemon is to go to the ROOMS.

Where to find garatina on Pokemon indigo?

I doubt you will find Giratina on Pokemon indigo as it is not a generation 1 Pokemon (it isn't one of the first 151 Pokemon species)

Where can you find you find victini on Pokemon indigo?


Where can you find grass type Pokemon in indigo?

You find it in pokemon! it's obvious!

On Pokemon indigo online how do evolve eevee into leafeon and were can you find all the eeveelutions?

Find It In League Champion - Steven on the online Pokemon Indigo

Where do you find totodile in Pokemon indigo?

It's a starter Pokemon

Where do you get a vulpix in Pokemon indigo?

where to find a vulpix on pokemon UNOVARPG

Where can you find fire type Pokemon on Pokemon indigo?


Were do you find exploder Pokemon indigo?

Exploder is a cheat cartridge. Exploud is a Pokemon so there is nothing to be confused in this. Exploder you can't find in Pokemon Indigo but you've to download it.

Where to find Giratina in Pokemon indigo?

In Pokemon Indigo you can find Giratina in Viridian City which is the map in which you will have to do battle with Giovanni the Viridian City Gym Leader.

What map can you find the Pokemon called torchic on Pokemon indigo?

You cant find it you can only get it as a starter pokemon.

Were can you find a Reshiram in Pokemon indigo?

You can find a Reshiram in Pokemon Indigo at Canalave City in the Sinnoh League and you could also find Cobalion there to. I am not sure if you can find a shiny Reshiram which is what i am looking for.

Where to fine Hooh in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Naval rock

Where do you get Cascoon on Pokemon indigo?

You can find one in a room or pokemon locator

How do you find out if a Pokemon is male or female Pokemon indigo?

There are no genders in that game

What is a N in Pokemon indigo is it rare?

you can't find N in pokemon indigo. N is the second main antagonist (=villain) in pokemon black and white.

How do you find a shiny Pokemon on Pokemon indigo?

you can only find a shiny like 1 out of 1356.73

Where can you find a Chimchar in Pokemon indigo?

you cant get a chimchar in Pokemon indigo unless you goto the trade center and then press latest trades

How do you find a latias on Pokemon indigo?

you cant found it