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Where do you find latias in pokemon emrald?

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It can be found anywhere an easy way to track it is have a friend trade you latias so you can receive data on it check your pokedex to find it use the masterball on it and your done.

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How do you get latias on pokemon pearl?

By tradeing the latias u got from gba in emrald

How do you get latias in Pokemon?

In Pokemon Emrald Your Mom asks you a question. click on only get it when you defeted the Pokemon league.when you are in the water surfing or in a patch of grass Latias might appear

What legendary Pokemon are there in Pokemon emrald?

Groudon Kyogre Rayquaza Latias (u can only catch one, either latias or latios) Latios Regice Registeel Regirock

Where is latias in emrald?

Latias is nowhere specific; he's found in the wild all over. When you see him, you can use your Pokedex to find him, but don't fly to where he is--walk or take the bike.

Where do you find a heartscale?

You can find them on Luvdisks in Pokemon Emrald and Ruby and Sapphire, and you find them underground in Pokemon diamond

Where can you find a latias on Pokemon ss?

You can find Latias in Soulsilver throughout the Kanto region.

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Where do you catch latias in Pokemon sapphire?

You can find latias on every route in hoenn.

Where do you find a shiny latias in Pokemon soul silver?

Latias is not available in SoulSilver

Where do you find a wailmer in pokemon emrald?

Use your Super Rod on any ocean.

Where can you find latias in Pokemon Ruby?

Latiasyou cant find latias in Pokemon ruby you can only find it in sapphire. in Pokemon ruby you get latios no, you get latias in ruby and latios in sapphire because of the colour, Latias is red means ruby,latios is blue so means sapphire. your right above me but you got it mixed up. No its latias in sapphire and latios in ruby trust me i took forever trying to catch latias in sapphire and i finally did.

Where do you find latias in Pokemon platinum?

migrate it

How do you find the Pokemon latias in the game Pokemon heartgold version?

You can find Latias while you're roaming Kanto in Heart Gold, and in Soul Silver you can get a Latias in Pewter City while you have the Enigma Stone.

Where do you find Latias in Pokemon Ruby?

You can't latias can only be found in Pokemon sapphire. Pokemon ruby after defeating the Pokemon league you canfind latios next to fortree. Pokemon sapphire after deafeating Pokemon league latias can also be found next to fortree. the only way to get latias on ruby is to trade.

Where are the rare pokemon in emrald?

raquaza is at the sky pillar latias and latios will be found randomly kyogre is at the marine cave groudon is in the terra cave mew and deoxys are both at ilands

Where to find torchic in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Migrate from Ruby, Sapphire, Or Emrald. Or trade from a friend

Whats the best way to find and catch Latias in Pokemon emerald?

Is to never give up on finding and capturing Latias or if your friend has Latias from his Pokemon games, he can trade it with you if he/she wants.

How do you find a latias on Pokemon indigo?

you cant found it

Where do you get yawn in pokemon emrald?

Some Pokemon have it. You have to capture them.

Can you catch latias in sapphire?

Yes, Pokemon Sapphire version is the version in which you can catch Latias. You can only find it once you have beaten the Pokemon League, then there is a report of a legendary red flying Pokemon in Hoenn. Latias appears randomly.

Pokemon emrald how to get a dawn stone?

You do not get

Where is larvitar in pokemon emrald?


Can you download Pokemon Emrald on a DS?


Is Pokemon Emrald real?


How do you get latias and latios in Pokemon pearl?

Latias and Latios canot be caught. BUT you can migrate from Pokemon Emrald,Ruby, or Sapphire by getting the national dex, catching them in a Pokemon GBA game inserting your gba game turning on he system, and going to the main screen of your DS game, selecting migrate from(GBA game) and select latias and/or latios (as long as they don't know HM moves) and go to pal park and put on a catching show. Then, latias/latios will appear in pal park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!