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you beat a omega boss at a random event

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Q: Where do you find omega piece in Megaman starforce 3?
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Where to find Megaman starforce episode?

megaman starforce eng sub go to naruto wire

What is a omega piece in Megaman starforce 3?

an Omega Piece is a piece of data acquired randomly by beating a boss in V3 or higher form. very rare and difficult to acquire. recommend running around on National Astro Wave to find V3 bosses Actually an omega piece is a piece of data acquired when you beat a omega Boss. They have a omega symbol next to there name. The candy shop is the best place to find them. Only one can be acquired per boss.

Where can you find walkthroughs on Megaman Starforce 2?

on utube

What episode in Starforce does Luna find out that Geo's Megaman?

Almost at the end of the cartoon called Megaman Starforce. But then she says she did not see it, but when Geo passed by she turned pink and felt embarrassed.

Where can you find Leo kingdom sp in the game megaman starforce?

in underearth in underearth

Where can you find Taurus in megaman starforce?

Taurus Fire should be in Foodtopia Wave (at the top).

What does the Tribe King form from Megaman starforce 2 look like?

click on the links below to find out the different tribe forms of Megaman

Where can you find mr boreal's old boss in the game megaman starforce pegasus?

At Echo Ridge

Where do you find Gemini Spark SP on Megaman starforce?

dream park just use a srcheye

Anybody know where you can find Megaman starforce episodes 33-38?

See the Related Link.

Where to find a EatMchn in Megaman starforce 2?

in the peak hotel second floor by the laundry room

Where do I find my friend code in megaman starforce 3?

have him give it to you then imput it into your brother band menu

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