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Inmates typically are notified of the parole decision within thirty days of the hearing. It is possible in some situations for this to take longer, but typically the inmate is notified of this as well.

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Q: Where do you find out a persons parole decision?
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Can a parole officer override a decision by a doctor?


Who makes the release decision when an offender is sentenced to shock parole?

A parole board or their representatives.

What does a deferral mean in a parole board meeting and how long can you leave that decision?

what does signing a deferral mean if on parole and got arrested

How do you find out if someone is on parole in California?

Call your local parole office and ask.

How can you find parole date for federal inmate?

Federal inmates don't get parole dates because there is no such thing as parole in the federal system.

Who do you contact to find if you are off parole?

Have you tried reading the documents you received when your received parole? The date of your completion should be in there. If you can't find the papers, contact your assigned Parole Officer. If you cannot reach them contact the state board of parole..

How can I find out my off parole date Louisiana?

If you are on parole, you are likely required to maintain regular contact with an assigned parole officer. This officer should know, or be able to find out, your final date.

Who has final say whether a prisoner gets paroled the victim or the judge who sentenced him?

Neither makes the decision, the parole board makes the decision, but the victim's statement can impact their decision.

How can you find out if your boyfriend is on parole?

Man you Getto....

Can a newly paroled inmate have his parole recinded just because the county jail he is in has decided to transfer him to a Tennessee prison?

It depends on which event occurred first. If the parole was granted BEFORE the transfer decision was made, then the parole would take precedence. An order of the court will always take precedence over an internal jail administrative decision.

Who can a parolees family talk to if they don't agree with the parole officers decision?

They could try to speak to the director of the parole office, the lead parole officer; but, this is not likely to be effective and could cause difficulty for the parolee. They could try speaking to the head of the parole board; but, this is not likely to be effective, and it could lead to at worst reversal of the parole decision. They could try taking their appeal to the Lieutenant Governor or the Governor, but the same is likely to result. The fact is that your loved one is on parole, and will remain there for as long as the DOC determines he should or his parole expires. The best course of action to take is to just take what comes and try to to adapt. It will pass and you can move on with your lives after parole is discharged.

Where can you find Parolee housing info?

At the parole office.

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