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The occidental gerbil is found only in Morocco

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The address of the Occidental Library is: 73 Main Street, Occidental, 95465 M

That isn't the meaning of the word occidental, but there is an Occidental College in California.

The area of Kasai-Occidental is 154,742 square kilometers.

The occidental grand Aruba is a resort located in Palm Beach. I believe that this is a safe place to visit, and you can find information on this on their website,

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She has a gerbil called Gerry.The gerbil nibbled on the treat.

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Like if you intruduce a baby gerbil to a female and a male gerbil they might be nice to him but the male gerbil might play fight or fight in the cage i do not think if you leave the baby gerbil in the same cage with the male gerbil or a female gerbil the female gerbil migt fight or play fight with the baby gerbil if u do please be real care full because if the male gerbil no that the babby gerbil if its a baby girl gerbil yhey will mate or if u do the same with the adult female gerbil they mate to with a baby boy gerbil or adult gerbil will mate to and also mate means that the female gerbil have babbies with the male gerbils .

no dont get a gerbil from the pet store they are mostly students that really don't no a lot about gerbils you should get a gerbil at a local gerbil breeder close to you or from a shelter and when u get a gerbil from the pet store u some times get a boy and a girl and they have babys and i be comes a big work

The phone number of the Occidental Center For The Arts is: 707-874-9392.

Look on ebay. If not there, browse the web.

you CAN wash a gerbil but in chinchlla dust, you may find at you local pet shore, ask pet shop staff for more detales

Occidental College was created on 1887-04-20.

Occidental College's motto is 'Occidens Proximus Orienti'.

Occidental Life Building was created in 1917.

Yes, the Occidental Grand Aruba does offer wonderful family suites. There are many room options for you to choose from and you are sure to find a room that will accommodate your family.

if it is a dwarf hamster and a gerbil then a Gerbil but if you are talking about a regular biggish hamster then it can be the same size but usually the gerbil is bigger

No. if you freed your gerbil in the Forrest it would get eaten by something, or starve if it couldn't find the right food. if you can no longer house your gerbil, give it to a friend, advertise over the web, or try and give it back to the petshop/breeder.

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