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Where do you find rotom?

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After you get the national dex, you have to go to Eterna Forest at night. (8 o'clock ), in Eterna City. The you go to the old chateau.. ( the spooky house ) and you have to go to the room where a tv is.. then walk to the tv, press A and Rotom will come out.

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How do you breed ledgendary Pokemon?

you can put rotom and manaphy in the daycare: (well i know those two can)for rotom, you have to put rotom first in the daycare and you CAN get a rotom egg with rotom and ditto. And manaphy ,you can find it out on youtube!!!!!

Why can't you get rotom?

you can find rotom but i depends on what game you play i only know where in platinum

Where can you find Rotom in Pokemon Rumble?

In Pokemon Rumble You Be in advanced mode and in S rank And you find Rotom in any stage.

Where do you find Rotom in Pokemon HeartGold?

Rotom cannot be found in Pokemon HeartGold or SoulSilver. Rotom must be traded or obtained via an event.

Where can you find a Rotom in heart gold and soul silver?

Rotom is not catchable by standard means in HG/SS. You must import a rotom from D/P/P.

Where do you find Rotom in soul silver?

rotoms not in it because the original silver was b4 rotom was made. SRRY!

Where do you find a Rotom in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you can'tYou can only get rotom in the sinnoh region games.Or if you have a action replay.

Where to find Rotom in platinum?

cant in platinum

How do you find Rotom in soul silver?

you dont

How do you find a wild Rotom?

In the old mansion, in eterna forest, there is a TV that is on. Press A when in front of it and wild Rotom will appear.

Where do you find Rotom in Pokemon indigo?

you can find him on almost every map

Do you have to cheat to change Rotom in Pokemon SoulSliver?

No you do not have to use a cheating device such as an Action Replay or a GameShark in order to change Rotom into any of his other forms in Pokemon SoulSilver since there is a way to change it into its various forms in SoulSilver, you will need to place Rotom as your lead Pokemon and then you will need to operate the elevator that can be found in Silph Co. of which can be found in Saffron City in the Kanto region and when the elevator stops you can find the appliances that will allow Rotom to change into Fan Rotom, Frost Rotom, Mow Rotom, Heat Rotom or Wash Rotom.

Where do you find Rotom in Pokemon diamond?

Steps on how to find Rotom:1. Go to Eterna City. (It should be between 8:00 PM. to 4:00 AM)2. Go to the Eterna Forest.3. Go to the Old Chateau. (The Haunted House)4. Go to the TV. and press the button A.And you find Rotom. Rotom is just level 15. Its easy to catch.

Will the rotom event work if you change the date?

the rotom event is over, but if u find someone who did the event they can share it with u i did the rotom event today 18/02/2011 but i do not know what you have to do aterwods

What Pokemon do you find in the Old Chateu house in pearl?

Rotom!!! (At Night In The Old TV) In Pokemon Platinum Version You Can Download The Secret Key At Your Closest Toys R Us Bring Your Ds! For More Details Visit WWW.PokemonPlatinum.Com Or WWW.Pokemon.Com What Form Will You Turn Your Rotom Into? Mow Rotom Wash Rotom Heat Rotom Fan Rotom Freeze Rotom Buy Pokemon Platinum Version Today! Learn More At WWW.PokemonPlatinum.Com

What are the rotom codes for Pokemon platinum website?

Heat Rotom: T8A6EH7Wash Rotom: H8S3A5WFrost Rotom: 6TS8ORF Fan Rotom: 9N4A4F8Mow Rotom: 7W6O3M5

How do you find Rotom on Pokemon platinum?

go to your lost tower

Where to find the key to change Rotom form?

special event

Can you find Rotom on Pokemon SoulSilver and if so where?

no, trade only

Where you can find the key of the lady?

como puedo encontrar a rotom

Is rotom a legend?

Where do you find a Rotom in Pokemon diamond and pearl?

You find it in the old chateu in eterna forest

Where can you find a Rotom on Pokemon HeartGold?

To receive Rotom on Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver you must trade it from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum.

What types can Rotom be in Pokemon platinum?

1. fan rotom (normal) 2. mower rotom (grass) 3. wash rotom (water) 4. oven rotom (fire) 5.original rotom (electric)

What are all five rotom codes for pokemonplatinumcom?

Here they are: * Mow Rotom: 7W6O3M5 * Wash Rotom: H8S3A5W * Frost Rotom: 6TS8ORF * Fan Rotom: 9N4A4F8 * Heat Rotom: T8A6EH7 You get wallpapers for each Rotom and once you entered all of them you are able to download a nice widget with news, screenshots & Rotom stickers.