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you find sunburns soul gem in his adventure packs level

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โˆ™ 2012-03-31 16:07:23
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Q: Where do you find sunburns soul gem?
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How do you get sunburn's soul gem?

Darklight krypt is where you find sunburns soul gem

Where can you find sunburns soul gem?

dragons peak on 1st pounce pads

What level is camo's soul gem on in skylanders?

Sorry I don't know but I know where Sunburns soul gem is it is in Dragon's Peak about 5 minutes into it lean of the island and there is a dragon waiting there to take u to his soul gem

Where to find sunburns soul gem in skylanders xbox 360 show vidio?

I'm pretty sure you find it in dragon's peak which you have to buy to unlock and it comes with sunburn.

Where do you find dino-rangs soul gem on skylanders?

you find the soul gem in darkwater cove but i dont know the exact place in the level

Where do you find terrafin's soul gem on skylanders?

If you buy Pirate Seas, the soul gem is something with a cannon. I'm not sure where it is, but it is definitely in Pirate Seas. If you go by the cannon on land go right up the stairs and you will find the soul gem.

How do you find wirlwinds soul gem?

Whirlwind's soul gem is on Chapter 17, Creepy Citadel. After the little goblin puzzle, there is a platform with two Gargantulas. Defeat them to open the gate and get the soul gem. Hope this helped.

How do you get a black soul gem in oblivion?

to get a black soul gem you need to find a necromancers alter. when you find one make sure you have a empty soul gem.(GRAND)soul gems are can do this as many time as you your empty grand soul gem in to the alter and cast a soul trap spell. there must be a purple light shining down on the alter for it to work. for xbox 360 .ps3 and computer

Where do you find stump smash's soul gem?

it is in precous pastures

Where do you get the hex's soul gem on skylanders?

You find it on Cadavourus Crypt

How do you use whirlwind's soul gem in skylanders?

GET soul gem and unlock the soul gems upgrade

How do you find Tree Rex's soul gem?

you find tree rex's soul gem in molkin mountain just before the arena battle, but you will need to push a block down from the part before

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