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Where do you find surf im Pokemon silver version?


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I don't know about silver but on Pokemon Gold you have to beat all the Kimono Girls.Was that helpful.


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in whirl islands you have to have surf

Most water type Pokemon can learn surf, for example feralagator, marill and gyarados

its in the town where you fice against the kimono girls. then go to a strange old man. talk to him then you will get surf.

To get surf, you must go to the Dance Theater in Ecruteak. You must defeat all five of the kimono girls. Their Pokemon are Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Vaporeon, and Jolteon. After beating them, talk to the man wearing a hat. He will give you HM03 (Surf).

Almost every water Pokemon and sometimes even Pokemon like Snorlax or supposedly Rhydon

if you have surf then anywhere with water

get the TM surf and waterfall and youll pass it

Deep in route 17. You need surf to get there

In water of course! If you need to find the HM surf then just post another question.

Go to a beach with a lake or sea, and surf or fish

I know where you can find a shiny Poliwag! Surf the water north of Violet City.

nearly all water Pokemon

in route 44 . you have to surf to a patch of grass .but you can catch it only in the day

On Pokemon ruby to get surf you need to beat your dads gym (in petalburg) then after wallys dad will come and get you then give you surf.

Surf North on the beach of Sunnyshore.

Easy. You surf south of Pallet town and you'll find cinnabar island

lapras,suicine theres loads! gyarados

gyarados,tentacruel, but not magikarp

Any water Pokemon can use surf in heart gold and soul silver :) exsept magicarp

No! All you need to do is keep going down until you see a light.

seafoam islands, surf to the right of cinnabar. to find a walkthrough for the caves of the islands, try googleing them

you can obtain a water type by getting totodile as your'e starter or you can fish or surf in the water

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