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Where do you find the O-ring for a leak on the AC on an Oldsmobile Intrigue?


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2006-03-08 22:43:56
2006-03-08 22:43:56

the easiest way to find a leak is to put some uv dye in the ac system and run it. then in the dark using a uv light the leak will show up, it will glow green, and you will know where the leak is, after fixing the leak clean around the leak to remove the dye so that the next time a leak happens you will be easily able to spot it.


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where is it leaking from? I have a 1998 intrigue and in was my heater hose fitting, which is about 4 dollars, just not a fun part to hange it tok me about 2 hours to do it.. it is connected to your tensor pulley, it is a lil black plastic l shaped piece.. if u have any more question.. repost..

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The 3.5 is known for that. They just burn a little at a time. I have had mine for 5 years always have this issue. Doesn't burn much, doesn't leak.

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We have a 1998 Intrigue and I can tell you why we were losing power and it was getting kinda' scary, although it would start right up again after I pulled over, put it in park and restarted it. We had an oil leak and it was dripping on to a sensor.

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As the disk brake pads wear, the callipers will retain more brake fluid. You won't necessarily be LEAKING brake fluid, but you may be needing to examine your brakes.

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