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All magazines or clips have a "lip" at the top that retains the next round up in the magazine until the closing bolt of the weapon picks it up and shoves it into the chamber. If a particular magazine spits out more than one round at a time, it probably has a bent or damaged lip. Carefully bending the lip back into place or getting a new magazine should fix the problem. I think what you are refering to is a "tube magazine" which would be correct for the 87p.The "clip" the inquirer was talking about is a small C or U shaped spring which slips in place at the end of the tube itself just where it meets with the lifter or carrier mechanism.This spring grabs the round which is pushed to the front of the tube by spring pressure and holds it when the round ahead of it is pushed free of the tube and into the carrier mechanism and onto the lifter itself when the bolt is fully to the rear the lifter spring pushes the lifter up with the cartridge into alignment with the chamber.without the spring ,or, if it is worn out the cartrige in the tube would have its nose pushed into the path of the lifter and would jam the rifle.The spring is available from Numrich Arms or Jack First or in parts lots on E-Bay.Shootrj2003

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Q: Where do you find the clip that holds each bullet to prevent double feed to next round for a Stevens model 87p?
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