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Where do you find the ruby in Pokemon Leaf Green?

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Head over to One Isalnd.

If you HAVE caught Moltres when Bill says "Here, come with me." on Cinnabar Island:

You remember where you saw the two Rockets? Head back over there, there will be a little cave hole, go in, and just follow the cave (it won't hurt to take some side routes, just in case there's treasure in Pokeballs). If its not there, then try the Rocket Warehouse on Five Island. For those who DIDN'T go with Bill (cause you wanted to beat the Elite Four or something...) Just go and catch Moltres, then follow the above information.

2010-07-20 21:53:17
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Pokemon Ruby where to find Eevee?

You can't find Eevee in Pokemon Ruby, but you can trade for it from Fire Red, Leaf Green, and XD.

Where can you find a Charizard in Pokemon Ruby?

Trade from Pokemon Fire Red or Leaf Green

How do you find poliwhirl on Pokemon Ruby?

Poliwhirl can't be caught in Pokemon Ruby. You need to trade it from Leaf Green or Fire Red.

How do you get the ruby in Pokemon ruby?

You only get ruby on fire red or leaf green

Where can you find clefairy in Pokemon ruby?

You have to trade a Clefairy from Leaf Green or Fire Red.

Where to find cubone in Pokemon ruby?

You have to trade a Cubone from Leaf Green or Fire Red.

Where to find clefairy in Pokemon Ruby?

To get a Clefairy onto your Pokemon Ruby game, you'll need to trade one from Fire Red or Leaf Green.

Where can you find dragonair on Pokemon Ruby?

You cannot, you must trade from Fire Red or Leaf Green.

Where can you find a pigey in Pokemon Emerald?

u cannot find pidgey in Pokemon sapphire emerald and ruby, u can get it at leaf green and all

Can you trade Pokemon from Pokemon ruby to LeafGreen?

Only if you have obtained the item, Ruby, in Pokemon Leaf Green. Good luck finding it though! I only play Ruby and Blue, classic and FREAKIN' AWESOME! ----- I believe you need both the Ruby and the Sapphire in Fire Red or Leaf Green to trade with Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald. Find these on the Sevii Islands...

Where can you find Taillow in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Taillow isn't in Leaf Green, just emerald Sapphire and ruby

How can you get squirlte in Pokemon Ruby?

you have to trade from firered or leaf green

Were do you find joto Pokemon on ruby?

Unfortunately, there are no Joto Pokemon in Ruby or Saphire. However after beating the elite four, they are available on Emerald, Fire Red, and Leaf Green.

Where is altering cave in Pokemon ruby?

You can only find Altering cave in Fire Red, Leaf Green and Emerald. Its not available in Sapphire or Ruby.

Where to find onyx on Pokemon ruby?

You can't. he is not located in the hoenn region. You need to trade with Pokemon fire red or leaf green to get it

How do you trade with Pokemon ruby to Pokemon leaf green?

conect the game boy link cable with ruby an leafgreen

Where is diglet cave in Pokemon Ruby?

there is no diglett cave in Pokemon ruby only in leaf green and fire red

How do you get national dex in Pokemon Ruby?

Trade a Pokemon with fire red or leaf green

Are Munchlax in Pokemon Ruby?

No But you can trade it from Fire red and leaf green.

Do you need 60 Pokemon caught to get the ruby in leaf green?


Can you get a moltress on Pokemon Ruby?

No, Only in Fire red and Leaf Green

How do you trade Pokemon leaf green and Pokemon sapphire whithout beating the Pokemon league?

fix the machine on island 1 find the ruby and the sapphire stones

Where do you find the scanner for the Pokemon FireRed game?

there is no scanner on fire red/leaf green. Only on ruby, sapphire, emerald

How do you get to birth island in Pokemon Ruby?

you don't only in Pokemon emerald firered and leaf green

How do you connect Pokemon Green leaf to Pokemon Ruby with a wireless connection?

they ar both gay