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Q: Where do you find the starter interrupt relay on a 1986 Corvette?
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Where is starter relay located on 1986 Volvo 240gl?

Where is starter relay on a 1986 volvo 240gl

How and where do you check the fuel pump relay on a 1986 Chevy Corvette?

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Where is the fuel pump relay located on a 1986 Corvette?

fuel pump relay located on the engine compartment firewall driver side. The fuel pump relay is located under the dash on the passenger side of the 1986 Corvette. Their are 2 under that location one is the overdrive relay and the fuel pump relay. Devyn (

Where is cooling fan relay located for 1986 corvette?

auto parts store

Where is the starter relay in a 1986 Chevrolet caprice?

The 1986 Chevrolet Caprice starter relay switch is located in the fuse box. The relay switch is the first large switch on the right hand side of the fuse box.

Where is the power door lock relay located on a 1986 corvette?

I can't find it, does somebody have this answer?

Where is the starter located on 1986 corvette?

Passenger side. You need to jack the car up to get to it.

Where is the starter relay located on a 1986 Volvo 240dl?

I believe there isn't one.

What is the specific location for the fuel pump relay on a 1986 Corvette if there are three by the firewall two behind the battery and one on the firewall?

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Where is the mass air flow sensor burn-off-relay located on a 1986 corvette?

It is behind the battery on the firewall

Where is the starter relay located on a 1986 Chevy Camaro Z28?

on the fender passenger side. If I remember right. disconnect batt. first, good luck. Your car has a starter solenoid rather than a relay. It is located piggy-back on the starter. It should be right on top of the starter motor, attatched.

Where is the horn relay on a 1986 Corvette?

The horn relay is mounted behind the instrument cluster display. This display is the one that has the overdrive, parking brake, security, service engine soon, etc. readouts.

1986 sedan deville starter relay at?

On the starter. It's actually a PART of the starter. If it's not engaging at all, (no click) it could be the keyswitch, a dirty or loose connection or the neutral lockout switch.

Can 1991 Corvette door panels go in a 1986 Corvette?


What is the fuel tank capacity of a 1986 Corvette?

1986 corvette fuel tank capacity is 20 gallons.

What did a 1986 Corvette cost in 1986?

30000 and. Up

Can 1988 Corvette door panels fit a 1986 Corvette?


1986 Golf GTD won't turnover battery is fine not even a click out of the starter?

bad starter, or bad relay, bad ground or power wire to starter solenoid, bad ignition switch, blown fuse, etc

What is draining your battery when you turn off your 1986 Corvette and the air conditioner sounds like it's on but it's not?


Why does a 1986 f-150 pickup just click if it would not start and you replaced the starter solenoid and both battery cables and everything is hooked up as it was before it broke?

try changing the battery, your battery might be bad you never know, it might not hold a charge The starter relay needs to have good contact. Even though it may click, the contact is dirty and not good enough to transmit strong electrical power to the starter. Change the starter relay which is connected to the positive cable to the battery. Do not confuse the starter solenoid with the starter relay.

How do you remove the front bumper from a 1986 Corvette?

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How do you put the top down on a 1986 corvette?

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Where is the temperature sensor located on a 1986 Corvette?


Where is the flasher relay located on a 1986 Corvette?

REMOVE THE UPPER PANEL UNDER THE STEERING WHEEL, SHOULD BE TO THE LEFT OF STEERING WHEEL. BOTH FLASHERS SHOULD BE THERE HELD DOWN WITH CLIPS , TURN & HAZARD or On my 1986 Corvette the flasher was installed under the passenger side panel just above where the passengers left knee would contact the dash. I know the diagrams don't indicate this but at least some 1986 Corvettes have the turn flashers there ( but not the emergency flasher relay which remained behind the information center , mid-dash)

How to fix 1986 corvette ac fan runs when ignition is off?

Only when hot to cool down? NormalAll the time? Could be a bad relay not opening when power removed

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