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The Ford Explorer Limited is a 5-door wagon which can accommodate up to 6 passengers. This vehicle is powered by a V6 engine that allows it to attain a maximum speed of 60 mph in 7.5 seconds.

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Where can you find the layout of the fuse box for a 2005 Ford Galaxy?

Fuse Location Diagrams

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Fuse Box Location

The fuse box is located on the end of the drivers side dash, visible with the driver's door open.

Power Distribution Box Location

The power distribution box is in the engine compartment on the driver's side.

Is this a Joke? Ford does not nor did they ever make a 2005 Galaxy. The Galaxie model ended in 1974

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Is leaking oil a sign of a bad transmission?

Not using the dipsticks for the oil and transmission, while seeing leaks are a sign... Check your fuids and keep them clean and full or you will cause damage to whatever componenet relies on their respective fluids. Answer leaking oil is NOT sign of a bad transmission, its a sign of a bad/worn seal(s) or hose(s). more likely a sign of a worn seal or oil pan gasket. Actually it's a sign of money that will go out of you pocket, the more you can see, the more you have to pay. If you don't fix it, you may have to pay for the aggregates, eg transmission parts instead of paying for a small rubber seal.

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Where can you obtain an Owner's Manual for a 2001 Honda Accord V6?

For owners manuals and such, consult the manufacturing company. For around $20.00 US I believe that you can purchase a manual for your vehicle and it can be sent directly to your home. Also, you might want to try looking at online auctions, quite often they sell small articles such as manuals/wiring diagrams etc.

You could also try (if in canada) Canadian Tire or any sort of automotive store similar to that. I got my owner's there.

AnswerGo to, register, and do a search for "owner manual". You can download a manual in PDF format.


I own a 2001 Honda Accord V-6 so if there is a simple question I would try to help.

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What causes a tapping noise when starting the engine?

The tapping noise while warming up in the Grand Am GT's is nothing to worry about. These vehicles have the 3.4 Liter V6 engine and due to the design of these engines, it is simply oil entering the engine that causes this sound. If you noticed once it is warm the tapping ceases. Like I said need not to worry because this is common.

I would not be driving this vehicle for a couple of reasons. If you are loosing coolant on a continual basis, regardless of how much is lost, it has to go somewhere. If you do not see any pooling under the vehicle, then it is leaking inside the engine. If the latter is true, then coolant in the engine will dilute the oil, and create a cloudy oil residue, or if you are getting oil into the coolant, you will see a 'rainbow' on top of the coolant in the radiator or overflow. The tapping, I think, from the limited information, is the Valves not getting the Oil due to low oil pressure. Once the engine warms up, and the Oil pump starts to flow the oil, the tapping stops. Many vehicles, especially GM and Chevy do this. I would not be overly concerned about the tapping, but I would be concerned about the coolant leak. An easy way to see if you have an external leak is to go to a local parts store, and purchase a leak test kit, which usually is a dye, which can be seen with a blacklight. Kids love helping at night with this! Good Luck it might be your water punp you need a stronger one. or nr oil too the head Adding to answer: Take vehicle to repair facility and have a Carbon Block Test done,it will also determine if Carbon Gases are entering the coolant system.As far as the tapping, switch to synthetic oil,it costs about twice as much but is well worth the expense. answer does the noise go away shortly after starting? if so the tapping noise is caused by cold and insuufient oil in the lifters on your tappets as the engine stands, not running, the oil that was circulating while running, goes to oil pan on starting, the oil needs to be circulated back to all parts, try an oli change with correct viscosity oil sometimes a good oil additive such as LUCAS ENGINE OIL ADDITIVE will stop this rattle all cars will have same problem as they get older

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How do you repair the cruise control on a 1994 Ford Explorer XLT that works for 2-3 days only after driving on wet roads?

I have a '90 Mustang with cruise control. Mine wasn't working - the EEC IV code said "Speed Controller not working". I found that the plug was unplugged from the gearbox by the speedo cable. My guess, and it's only a guess, is that your plug is plugged in correctly, but not contacting properly - after a while, the water gets into the plug/socket and makes the contact. Get underneath the motor and check the connections are clean and tight. Also, try using a computer tester to drag the codes out of the ECU - it may give a better answer.

Check for vaccum leaks a pinhole can make cruise fail only sometimes,and when you climb a hill you decellerate and never go back to your original set speed good luck

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What does the amusement Air Glory ride look like?

This new article has a pic:


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Which aftermarket manufacturer makes a power-steering cap without a spring on the inside of the cap at the top and has a flat fluid level indicator?

The only one I can think of right off hand would be FORD. I dont think Dodge ever used a spring either but i`m not really sure about that. Ray

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The oil pressure light flickers on for a few seconds while steady driving on my 1995 Taurus 3.0 liter is it a pump or oil presure sensor?

Back in the old days, cars used an oil pressure gauge - and then along came what are sometimes referred to as "idiot lights" that took their place.

The very same function is being performed: letting the driver know if the oil pressure, therefore the oil levels are getting low.

The flickering light lets you know the oil level is right at the point of being able to trigger the light on the dash.

Also, when the engine is just idling, the pressure is lower and light goes on. When the car is moving though, the engine is turning over faster and the pressure builds up and the light goes off.

The #1 cause of engine failure is engine oil neglect - running oil too long between changes (if any at all!), and running with not enough oil.

The Owners Manual will have all the details and even illustrations on how to take care of your car's oil.
Low oil level. Add oil. Oil pump defective, oil sending unit defective, low oil, bad guage.
1. Defective switch 2. Short in wiring 3. Worn oil pump 4. Worn bearings Hook a direct reading guage to the place where the switch screws in to see what the actual pressure is. If the pressure is good, look for electrical trouble.

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Where is the EGR valve located on a 1994 and later Ford Explorer?

There was no EGR Valve befor 1994 on Ford Explorers.

On the 1995 and later models 5.0l V8 models are equipped with pressure feedback exhaust gas recirculation (PFE) system. It is in the front of the engine to the left of the oil feel tube.

guess again.

left hand follow tube up from exhaust manifold.

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How do you change the rear brakes on a Ford Windstar?

Please leave this with the professional as the ABS system is very sensitive to any adjustment with the clearances. Any shop should be able to help you out. Note: Repairing is ok but safety is first... take off the wheels and the drums. You will then see the shoes. then you can replace and reassemble I have replaced my 2001 Windstar drum brakes with no problems. They're exactly like very other drum brake I have worked on over the years.

If you don't have experience with drum brakes, or don't have - or want to buy a Chilton's or Haynes Manual, register at to get FREE access to their Chiltons Repair Guide.

The section on these brakes is terrific - with lots of photos and illustrations to enhance the step-by-step instructions. ---- This could be a hard job is you have not done brakes before. I would recommend a Haynes manual if you have limited experience. You need to pull the rear tires - then take the drums off to get to the pads. Then you have to take the springs off (2 per side) then take off the adjuster. Then compress the wheel cylinder - install new pads, grease on the metal rubbing parts - re-install the adjuster (adjust it all the way down (it will usually need to be lubricated as well)) then put the springs back on. Check the drums for warpage or other defects - you can have them machined. Score with sandpaper if they need nothing. Replaced the drums and put the wheels back on and you are good to go.

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What do you do if you cannot get the passenger door open on a 1977 Corvette but you can work both handles and it is not locked?

I have had this problem with both doors on my 77, but mostly on the drivers door. My problem is that a lever in the latch hangs and does not return to the reset position. The handle linkage can't trip the lever to release the latch. Have tried applying grease unsuccessfully and will replace the latch when I get annoyed enough. Until then, I carry a welding rod under the seat to push the lever down. This can be done with no disassembly, just roll down window and insert the rod at rear of window opening.

Try this on your non opening door.Just bought a 77 to add to the 3 Corvettes we already have. The passenger door wouldn't open with either handle and it wasn't locked. I had to get more visable access to the latch mechanism, which meant the door panel had to come off. Got it off with the window down and the door closed. It's easier taking the seat out too, but this seat wouldn't move back to getat the front bolts. Not an easy task taking the door panel off with the seat still in place, but it can be done without ruining anything. Next was fish around with a long screw driver at the latch mechanism that I could now see. Pushing on the correct lever and the door opened. Closed the door 2 more times and had to use the screw driver 2 more times pushing on the lever to open it. What I think happened was the factory grease turned hard in the past 29 years, add in some dust and dirt and now you have grease that turned to glue. The mechanism got a bath (2 cans of Gumout) followed with a bath in WD-40 to wash, then a few squirts of engine oil. It's now opening on it's own with either handle. No adjustments on the rods were necessary as nothing was bent. It actually worked now in probably 50 consecutive tries in the past 2 months with no problems. The drivers door mechanism got the same treatment to ward off future problems with it. This problem was new to me in my 30 years of Corvettin. What seems to be a major problem is actually a simple solution, keep things clean.
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How do you reset the maintenance required light on a 2004 Sienna that blinks longer at start up when oil change is due?

I was looking for this same answer and found it on another site and it worked. here is the answer. The system must be reset after the engine oil replacement. Reset the system by the following procedure:

1. Turn the ignition key to the "OFF" position with the odometer reading shown.

2. Turn the ignition key to the "ON" position while holding down the trip meter reset button. Hold down the button for at least 5 seconds. The odometer indicates "000000" and the light goes off.

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How do you remove the dash panel to install an after market CD player?

It would help to know the make and model of the car plus the year. They are all different.

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Where can you find the 2006 Ford Explorer xlt owners manual?

You can view the 2006 Ford Explorer Owner Guide online at :

www . motorcraft service . com ( no spaces )

Click on Owner Guides

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Will the o2 sensor reset it self in a 96 ford explorer if you change it or do you have to do it with the computer?

there is no need to reset the computer for an 02 sensor.

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How do you get the windows of a 1996 Firebird to roll up if they quit working once they are down?

The first thing I would check is the switch and motor (if they are power windows which most late model Firebirds are) if it is burned out, a replacement will be necessary. A more likey possibility is that the window simply went off it's track, after it went down. This is most likely if the windows were working fine. Use a screwdriver to revove the door panels from the inside and remove the plastic sheet to access the window and hardware, be careful however, because the plastic protects your cars electrical work from dirt and moisture Ok, what he said above is true, but unless it dropped or clearly jammed, its probably not off the track. I recently changed out the motor on my 92, and I will warn you, its EXTREMELY HARD. Once you do it, you will see why a shop wants around $200 labor for it. I heard that in 94 they started making them with nylon pulleys and belts (always trying to come up with something cheaper), so it might not be that hard. Basically, buy a new motor, have someone hold the glass up while you detach the motor/regulator assembly from the door, then work it out of the door the best you can (it will take a while, a long while) then replace the old motor with the new one (if there was a tensioner spring, make sure before you put it back in that the tension is in the right direction, you dont want to have to take that sucker out again). Put it back in the door, reattach it, and there you go, just make sure its the way you found it.

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How do you remove the rear disk brake assembly on a '92 Mercury Grand Marquis to change the brake pads?

The 1992 grand marquis has rear drum brakes.

92 grand marqs also has optional discs. To remove the calipers, simply loosen the two large bolts holding the calipers. then compress the piston back with a C-clamp using the old pad as a base. place the caliper on the mount, replace the bolts and hit the brakes once to check for contact. Also, it is a good idea to grease the sliding bolts.

I would direct you to a very similar question concerning 1994 Marqs:

How do you access the rear drum brakes on a 1994 Grand Marquis

and the answer I provided therein.

"I know that 1992+ are discs, but the rears have drums built into them for the emergency brake. [edit] However, to access the rear emergency brake pads is a different process than is typical for a rear drum setup.

It involves removing the axle shafts, so I would recommend taking it to a shop."

Concerning the above statement, emergency brake pad/hardware replacement on a rear-disc equiped Mercury Marquis involves no such thing! The e-brake is simply a mini-drum brake type assembly within the disc itself. As with most drum brake-equiped vehicles, there's an access slot on the backing plate to back the adjustment off, allowing disc removal in cases where the e-brake shoes have worn into the rotor drum (for lack of a better term). Occasionally this slot doesn't quite line up with the adjuster, but it is there! To those researching such a relatively simple procedure, don't let morons like the individual who posted above confuse you with their misinformation.

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Can you buy New Maruti Gypsy with Gas Kit?

yes I like to buy new Maruty Gypsy with Gas kit.

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How do you open the hood on a 1992 Pontiac Grand Am when the pull cable has snapped?

you can remove the front mesh looking pieces with a hex bit and get to the lever and pull or push manually

Where did the cable snap? Mine pulled right out off the plastic handle that you would pull to open the hood. I can still use a pair of pliers to open the hood. If you can get it open again grease or WD-40 the hood latch that keeps the hood secure. It will make it easier to open after that.

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How do you clean a headlight lens that is dirty on the inside?

Here is advice: * Are you sure the light is dirty on the inside? I detail headlights at used car dealerships and most of the time the outside is dirty it only looks like the dirt is on the inside. You can clean the outside with Crystalenz, this stuff works great. For more info check out the website * You have to take the light off then take the bulbs out. Stick a rag inside the light through the bulb holes and work it around with a screwdriver to clean it. * Just dump some CLR in it. let it soak over night and rinse in the morning. Make sure you dry it (I used a hair dryer)

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How do you reset oil change light on 05 pathfinder?

Select the RESET key using the joystick and press ENTER. Reset the driving distance to the new schedule.


I'm a retired ASE Master/L-1 Technician. I still keep current with the latest automotive technology.

Visit my blog for cool articles and TSB's:

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Where is the egr solenoid located on a 99 Ford Ranger 3.0L V6?

The EGR Solenoid on the 3.0L Flex Fuel is located behind and to the right of the distributor cap. It sticks up about an inch and a half and is about 1 and a quarter inch in diameter

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Why does a car's oil pressure hand drop and cut off at red lights?

Hey Freda==The oil pump is turned by the engine so when the rpm 's drop the pump isn't turning as fast and the preasure drops. It depends on what the mileage is and how the engine was taken care of as to how much it varies. Goodluck Joe

Oil guage stops fuel pumpI just experienced the exact same situation with my 1989 Chevy Beretta 4 days ago. (Ive owned the car 7 days.) I pulled up to a stopsign, stalled and saw the oil pressure guage had dropped to "zero". It hasn't done it since. BUT now my oil pressure guage lays at "zero" if idling, and rises to just under half while driving. After some research, I learned that in older cars like mine,(1989), the car stops pumping fuel if the oil guage sensor registers under the default level preset in the cars computer. Hope this helped.
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How do you disable the daytime running lights on a '96 Chevy Beretta?

on the emergancy brake lever there is an electrical switch, just unplug it they will go off and your fog lights will still work.

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How do you reset the oil change light on a Ford Explorer?

1.) Press the TRIP/RESET button to cycle to "SETUP MENU HOLD RESET". 2.) Now press and hold the button for 2 seconds until "RESET FOR SYSTEM CHECK" is displayed, then release. 3.) Imediately press and hold button for 2 more seconds until "Oil 100% RESET IF NEW" is displayed, then release. 4.) Imediately press button once to display "HOLD RESET IF NEW OIL" and release. 5.) Imediately press and hold button for 2 seconds until "OIL LIFE SET TO 100%" is displayed.


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