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Where do you find the stereo code in a 1996 Hyundai Excel?


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2009-02-12 01:14:30
2009-02-12 01:14:30

I have a 1995 Excel, found mine at the back of the stereo. Yeah i know...strangest place to put it but that's where it is. Should be a 4 digit code

I don't know if this will help but I had to find the stereo code for a Ford once and ended up having to ring head office with the vin number of the car to get it. That is assuming of course that the stereo is factory installed. Otherwise check anything that was in the car when you bought it as someone could have written it on a manual or such. Hope it helps.

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To get the radio code for the Hyundai Excel you need to request it from Hyundai.

you have to take out the stereo and it is usually on the barcode on it. It is a 10 digit code and usually starts with the letters HS, HA, HC.......

My hyundai car stereo model no. H-817XD with bar code no. EK40615578,can not turn on the audio.

Your car should have came with a card that has the code. Look in the manual and in and on the glove compartment for the code. If it is not there you will have to have the serial number from the stereo and call the dealer for the code.

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Open your glove box, on the right side (inside) on the glove box door there should be a # diagram with your code.

CODE 13 in a hyundai excel is an AIR TEMPERATURE SENSOR acts like a RESISTOR and is built into the MAF where the air filter goes into..hope this helps.CHECK harness and w/key on, pin # 6 on harness side should be 4.5 -5 volts

take and write down the serial number and model number on top of the stereo,and then call a Saturn dealer tell them your battery went dead and now its asking for a code give them the serial# and model# and they will give you a code for the stereo

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Stereo codes are unique to each stereo and you will have to get the serial number from the stereo and call an Acura dealer for the code.

Mine was reset when the radio says "code" by entering 2456 on radio channels

Code on stereo is error 1

Found that Samsung code worked on my DirecTV remote for my Hyundai TV.

my code is 1564 for 95 Hyundai accentFromHyundai OwnerEach Hyundai will come with a card this card contains the code to you radio without this card the radio will not unlock because of the theft system.

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I have a 94 excel that the battery had been replaced by the previous owner. The factory radio would not reset took it to Hyundai shop said I need the card that the dealership hands to owner at key receipt time. Ended up going to walmart bought a $49 radio/cd it works fine.

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Changed your battery, huh? Call the dealer with your VIN and their system will tell you the one for your unit.

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