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The Woodcutting Skillcape can be purchased from Wilfred for 99,000 coins. Wilfred is located near the trees north of Falador.

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Achieve 99 in the woodcutting skill and talk to the woodcutting tutor. to get to the woodcutting tutor from lumbridge court you walk out of lumbridge court. then turn left and go for a little bit. you will see a guy in a woodcutting skillcape. near some trees. talk to him and you can get the woodcutting skillcape for 10k from him.

Yes, the Woodcutting Skillcape is a Members only item, just like every other skillcape.

slayer or hunting is my favorite skill but i also enjoy smithing(for the gold) and woodcutting

no you just need to get to level 99 with that skill

You cannot make a master skillcape in Runescape. You must buy it from an NPC by mastering the particular skill to level 99. The NPCs sell the cape for 99k.

Woodcutting can be trained by cutting down trees, chopping ivy, and various other methods.

there is no woodcutting guid in runescape

cut willows until level 70 woodcutting then cut yews until 99.

You get trimmed skillcapes by having more than one skill level to 99.

Yes, you need to be a member to get any skillcape in Runescape.

no you dont. to get a skillcape all you have to do is get your skill lvls like (wood cutting, mining and etc.) and get them to lvl 99. then you get an individual skill cape for each thing, like woodcutting. hope this helped. Wrong they are members only and you have to buy them for 99k which is a bit unfair though. And the skill dungeonearing can get up to 120 in lvl hope my answer helped.

You must train. There is no simple method to getting a skillcape. Admittedly, it's easier if you're a member.

yes you can have as many of each skill cape you like when you reach 99 in the skill!

The Skillcape of Strength is located in the Warriors Guild on the 2nd floor, past the heavy door. A person with a big battle axe will sell it to you for 100,000gp after you get a Strength level of 99.

This entirely depends on what level you are starting at and what you are using to train the skill.

There is no woodcutting guild (I wish there was tho)

You have to use a hatchet for woodcutting.

go to and type my woodcutting skillcape setup or outfit and those are pretty nice setups

In order to get a skillcape first you have to have 99 in that certain level. There are certain npc's all over runescape that have the person that sells the different capes for 99k each.

No, you can not get skillcapes in non-members. I wondered that too. But when I got 99 strength i didnt get a skillcape and im a f2p player

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