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On the internet or in any good scooter store!

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Q: Where do you get MADD gear nitro pro scooter?
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Is the madd gear pro heavy?

The Madd Gear Pro weighs 3.85kg which is an alright weight considering the strenghth of the scooter. It is much lighter than the Madd gear Nitro weighing in at 5kg

Is the madd gear team a good scooter?

Yes it is good but heavy I would preffer the MADD GEAR PRO ive got both and the nitro my favourite is the pro..........

What is the best scooter?

razor ultra pro is the best scooternaa i recon madd gear prothere is no really no such thing. it just depends on how you modify it. for example, you could buy a suckish razor scooter, change the wheels, add new bolts, and then you're is a madd gear pro nitro.i reckon madd gear pro nitro, tsi , phoenix if you have a lot of money and scooter hqrazor ultra is sold at the warehouse so its not supising when you break it my fav scooter would have to be a madd gear pro nitro though

What is the best scooter you can get?

Razor pro or Madd gear pro

Should you get a Madd Gear Pro Nitro or a Ninja?

The madd gear nitro is heavier than the ninja but the nitro u can get different colors i would get the nitro, The Madd Gear Nitro is heavier but it's very strong also, The Madd Team drove there truck over it.

What is the best kind of scooter?

Madd Gear Pro

Is a madd gear pro better than the ninja?

No ninja is a lot better and don't get the nitro either ninja is the best scooter you can get

Best brand of scooter to do stunt riding?

madd gear pro and one of their best scooters is the mgp nitro. Phoenix scooters

What scooter is better a mad gear pro or a inward scooter deck?

madd gear pro with inward deck

What is the difference between the madd gear pro and madd gear pro team edition?

There is no such scooter as the madd gear pro (MGP is Madd Gear Pro) but if you mean the MGP pro edtion scooter then the MGP pro is not as light, strong or as the as popular as the Team edition it is more so on the side for people who are not looking to do many jumps or tricks with.

What is the most popular scooter brand?

Madd Gear Pro

Where can you get a madd gear pro scooter?

you can get madd gear pro"s from skater HQ on the internet or bicycle plus as it is also available on the internet and if your thinking about getting a razor ultra pro DO NOT GET IT it is the worst scooter so go for madd gear and try and get into the the madd gear team 'good luck' you can also go to kmart or target where they are, or Spoildbratt sk8shop in central NJ or their site. They have all the models. The nitro and the team edition are coming as early as Monday! what about madd gear teams ? where do u get them ? either than internet:)

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