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Where do you get a gible in diamond and pearl?

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In the Diamond/Pearl game, you can catch a Gible. They can be found at the Wayward Cave. You don't have to go there at a specific time, since it can always be found. They are uncommon and you can find them at B1F. It'll be between the levels 15-17.

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Where are Gible in Pokemon Diamond?

Gible can be found in Wayward Cave, which is a secret area found under the Cycling Road in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

Where is gible in Pokemon FireRed?

you cant catch gible in firered or leafgreen only on Pokemon diamond pearl or platinum

Where to find gible in Pokemon emerald?

you cant he is only in pearl, diamond

What are ash's new Pokemon in diamond and pearl?

Pokemon, Diamond + Pearlits gonna be Gible. The reason is this:! spoiler!!!

Where to find gible in Pokemon Pearl?

In pokemon pearl or diamond, the place you catch gible is under the cycling road on the back wall beside Wayward cave. To catch gible, the things that you will need are, the HM's strength, if you want it, flash and cut. You should use a dusk ball to catch it.

How long does it take to hatch a gible Pokemon diamond?

I tested it on my platinum game and it took me 11,475 steps to hatch my gible egg i don't know if its the same for dimond or pearl.

How do you get a gibble in Pokemon SoulSilver?

well you have to trade from diamond, pearl, platinum. And by the way, gible is spelled with 1 b.

Where can you catch a gible on Pokemon?

if you go under cycling rode you should find one in Pokemon pearl and diamond

Were can you catch a Gible on Pokemon Pearl?

To obtain a Gible on Pokemon Pearl and Diamond, go to the secret place at Wayward Cave, which is under the cycling bridge, just walk around till you encounter one! It's not very complexional at all.

What are the steps in order to make gible appear in the safari zone on heartgold?

You can't get a gible in heart gold or soul silver only platinum,diamond,pearl,emerld,and Sapphire SORRY.

Catching gible in pearl?

There is a cave beneath the cycling road. There will be a Gible in there.

In Pokemon Diamond where can you find the Pokemon gible?

in diamond i found gible in victory road closer to where the Pokemon legue is.

How do you get a shiny gible?

You can't in the 3rd generation. In diamond and pearl you can catch them in wayward cave with a 1/10341 chance of them being shiny.

How do you get gible in Pokemon Heart Gold?

maybe in the city where you first meet lance, after the Pokemon league, or by trade from diamond,pearl, or platinum

Where do you find gible in soul silver?

you can get by safari zone or trade from diamond, pearl, or platinum. trade by a friend or breed. good luck

What dragons are in Pokemon Diamond?

there are a few Pokemon in diamond that have dragon types first you've got dialga for diamond and palkia for pearl then there's giratina who is dragon and ghost and finally there is gible, gabite, and garchomp.

Where can you get Garchomp on Pokemon SoulSilver?

you can either get a gible from diamond/pearl and trade it over, or the easy and how i got mine, ask for it in the GTS. hope i helped

Where in the cave do you have to go to get gible in Pokemon diamond?

Gible are all over in Wayward Cave.

Can you use a stone on gible on Pokemon diamond?


How do you get Garchomp on pokemon diamond?

catch a gible

Is gible in wayward cave on diamond?


Where do you catch a gible on pokemon pearl?

Gible can be found in Wayward Cave. (It's near Route 206)

Where can you catch gible on Pokemon pearl?

To get gible in Pokemon diamond, pearl or platinum head to route 206 and go to the back wall of the path under cycling road. One cave entrance is easily seen,but you have to go into one hidden by the cycling road.Use HM strength to move the boulders go down one floor and wait until gible attacks. It will not attack right away so keep trying and it will come. Gible will be about level 17.

Where do you find a gible in Pokemon pearl?

you can get diagla on dimond

Where can you get a gible in pearl?

Below the bicycle path after eterna.