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Where do you get a kings rock in Pokemon gold version?


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You find the kings rock in the very bottom of the Slowpoke Well (Near the town with the bug Pokemon gym)


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in Pokemon heart gold you can get the kings rock by going to slow poke's well and you need the hm surf and strangth you go to where the tean rocket's executive was and use strength on a boulder there then go down and use surf to the ladder then surf left to a person and he gives you the kings rock

there is no rock smash in Pokemon Red. there are only 5 HM's in Red version. the rock smash was introduced in the Silver and Gold versions.

In the original red there is no kings rock, but in firered you can get kings rock from beating all the trainer tower competitions: single, double, knockout and mixed.

whare do you get a kings rock in Pokemon dimond?

rock smash isn't in Pokemon red version

A King's Rock is an item in the Pokemon games that allows Poliwhirl and Slowbro to evolve if they hold it while being traded. It can be found in Slowpoke Well in Pokemon Gold and Silver.

you can find a kings rock on seven island in sevault canyon.

you must trade with gold or silver in order for poliwhirl to evolve. kings rock

You have to use a Kings Rock to evolve Poliwhirlinto Politoed. You give the Kings Rock to Poliwhirl and trade it with a friend which triggers its evoloution. IMPORTANT: DO NOT EVOLVE INTO POLIWRATH FIRST.

you have to trade while holding a kings rock to evolve these Pokemon 1.slowpoke to slowking 2.poliwhirl to politoed

you have to go to the slowpoke well in azalea town you will need strength and surf and then some dude will give it to you

You can't get the move rock smash in Pokémon Yellow version. The move does not exist. It was introduced in Gold and Silver.

There is no rock climb in Pokemon black or Pokemon white

You find kings rock at the bottom of the Slowpoke Well in the town that has the bug Pokemon gym.

you have to have a poliwhirl and give it a kings rock and then trade it.

you can get a kings rock in cerulian cave and when you go and catch lugia GO POKEMON

what is get escape on rock on the pokemon chaos black version

trade a poliwirl that is holding a kings rock

Get a king's rock (available as a prize at the Pokeathlon exchange corner), and trade slowpoke to another game while holding it.You can get Slowking in Pokemon Heart Gold by trading a slowpoke while it is holding a kings rock.

At the pokeathlon dome they sell evolution items for athlete points, and on certain days it is kings rock.

you find it in cerculan city, right then you will find a pokeball, pick it up, it is a kings rock

you have to trade a poliwhirl with a kings rock

by trading poliwhirl with the kings rock

A Kings Rock can be used to evolve a Slowpoke to a Slowking, a Poliwhirl to a Politoad or a Seadra to a Kingdra. Note, you have to trade these Pokemon while they are holding it to evolve them.

you cant. Pokemon Shiny Gold is a hacked version by Zel. He puts the Rocks in front of entrances to certain places in Kanto because there is nothing beyond those points. If you press A on the rock, there is a notice from Zel explaining it all

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