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catch a solrock or talk to the sailor on the space center

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In Pokemon Emerald, Gloom will evolve into a Bellossom and Sunkern will evolve into a Sunflora if you use a Sunstone on them.

Sunkern evolves into a sunflora when a sunstone is used on it.

Bellossom can be obtained by evolving a gloom with a sunstone.

A sunstone evolves an Eevee into an Espion in Pokemon gold and silver. this will not work in firered/leafgreen. It could also be done in ruby/sapphire/emerald though I'm not sure.

sunkern to sunflora (trade from emerald) gloom to bellossom

in mossdeep city and some wild Pokemon have it ,too probally wild oddish and gloom

all i know is that gloom can evolve into bellossom with a sun stone

sun- flora does not evolve into anything. sunkern evolves into sunflora if you use the sunstone.!

There is no sunstone in Pokemon red it onnly appears in later games.

Cottonee -> (Sunstone) Whimsicott

Go to Mossdeep city , then go to the space station, talk to the sailor, and he will give you a sunstone.

In Pokémon Emerald, Gloom and Sunkern are the only Pokémon that can evolve with the use of the Sun Stone.

this Pokemon will evolve if sunstone is given to hold: oddish (lvl 21) -> gloom (sunstone) -> belossom sunkern (sunstone) -> sunflora

in the Pokemon games, you give a sunstone to an eligible Pokemon and they will evolve. for example, Gloom will evolve into Bellossom when given a sunstone and Sunkern will evolve into Sunflora when given a sunstone.

There are only 2 things a sunstone does. it evolves gloom to bellosom and sunkern to sunflora.

You use it on a Gloom and then it will evolve into a Bellossom

Mossdeep Research Center and held by wild Solrock

u get a sunstone where bill used to live in kanto by cathching Pokemon tha she describes but a sunstone dosent evolve an evee

you just need a gloom and a sunstone use the sunstone on your gloom and walla you have a bellosom

yes, but i only know how to make it evolve in emerald, use sunstone

Sunkern -> Sunflora Gloom -> Bellossom

To get a bollosom,you have to get a gloom and a stone called "sunstone."Give the sunstone to gloom and it should evolve into a bollosom

Gloom --> Bellosom Sunkern --> Sunflora

sunkern and gloom can evolve with it.

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