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Where do you get a super potion on soul silver?


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you can find a super potion in the golden rod department.


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to get the secret potion(medicine)you need to go to cianwood

Action Replay or Gameshark? You can look it up on

A guy in Cianwood City will give you the Secret Potion in SoulSilver. u r such a dumb liar u know that right

A super set consists of:1x Super Attack Potion1x Super Strength Potion1x Super Defence Potion

Yes there is. /////////////////////// What is it then?

you buy it with money or your mum will buy it. u r probley on 2 something or are you

secret potion which you get by surfing to cianwood starting from the beach in olivine

yo need to get the secret potion from cianwood city and give it to ampharos

if I remember right its in a house in Olivine City

Fishing in Vermillion with a Super Rod.

If you have the super rod you can find them by the water at route 34.

if its on pokemon soul silver, just use your super rod in violet city.

go down on cinawood island and you will find this house, go inside and talk to his pharmacist, he will give you it

Fire, dark, ground (if no Levitate), ghost

You give him a super potion from the pharmacy in cianwood city

Where are the genorator parts in soul soul silver

you get the good rod from somebody, and on route 12 there is a house, walk in there and speak to the guy, he will give you a super rod :).

Neither. The new game is called Soul Silver, not Silver Soul.

The only potions I've ever heared of were: potion, super potion, hyper potion, and max potion, and you find them in the veilstone store or after you have the right amount of badges.

no such thing not in soul silver

You must speak with the Fishing Guru on Route 12.

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