Where do you get abs plastic pipes and fittings?

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At well assorted hardware stores, building supermarkets ...
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Can you put a metal fitting on a plastic pipe?

Answer . \nyes you can put a metal fitting on a plastic pipe but it is not highly recommended but if you must use it make sure that you wrap both fittings with teflon tape in the opposite direction of the threads and be sure not to tighten to to tight this will cause the plastic to bust i hope this has helped

Can you install a plastic fitting on a galvanized pipe?

Answer . Yes, first the Galvanized pipe has to be threaded with a standard thread for pipes, then you buy the correct female socket threaded plastic fitting, screw it onto the pipe using Thread pipe sealing tape, then glue your piping into the socket part of the plastic fitting, simple.. Cheers.

What is abs plastic?

ABS plastic or the 'Acrylonitrile butadiene Styrene' is a commonthermoplastic. It is an amorphous and has an approximately 105degrees Celsius glass transition temperature and no true meltingpoint.

Connecting PVC pipe to abs pipe what kind of connection?

Some manufacturers of ABS pipes & fittings may claim otherwise, but there is no glue currently on the market that can be used on both ABS & PVC.

How do you join copper pipe to plastic pipe?

With a commpression fitting found at Home Depot With an IPS or FIPS adapter as Compression is not allowed in civilized countries or places that actually have some type of model plumbing code ANS 3 - You can join copper to PEX or other plastics of the same OD with compression fittings including Push style 'O' ringed fittings like 'Sharkbite' - Consult your local plumbing code or plumbing inspectors, -and don't be scared off by plumbing companies who have a vested interest in doing things the old-fashioned way.

What is abs pipe?

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) pipe is a black plastic pipe often used for sewage pipe.

Can you use abs plastic with gasoline?

No. Some of the solvents, such as benzene or toulene, in gasoline will dissolve the ABS plastic. Glen Mayo -- Plasti-Mend

What is the Roughness factor for abs pipe?

The absolute roughness factor is different for various types ofpipe. The factor for PVC, glass, or other drawn tubing is 0.00006inches.

Can you use abs glue on PVC pipe?

It won't hold. Use the correct glues for all pipes that are going to have water pressure. PVC takes Weld-On 711 . -ABS glue is for ABS only. You can use Transition Cement, but it's not as good as either proper glue. - I carry over a dozen glues and adhesives in my work van, and sometimes still don't have the right one. -And I won't glue any pipe without the correct adhesive.

What is the melting point of ABS plastic?

Plastics don't have specific melting points. The melting pointdepends on a large number of factors and is more likely to be arange rather than a precise point as it would be for a smallmolecule. The melt temperature for ABS is usually somewhere in the vicinityof 378 K, just above the boiling point of water. It softens around 90 °C and melts around 105 °C. Maximum usabletemperature is considered to be 80 °C.

What is SMS fittings in dairy pipes and fittings?

SMS fittings are named from Swedish Dairy Standard ( Svensk MeieriStandard ) There are a multitude of variants in pipe-clips and clamps and couplings and unions that is commonly used all over Europe. There are several other standards, DS (Danish Standard) and the Germans have several DIN standards such as DIN 11851 & 11887 and probably many others.

How do you fill in the spaces between your ABS plastic radio install kit if it does not fit correctly?

For anyone who answers this, reference. http://forums.nicoclub.com/zerothread/337573. The second picture from bottom is my problem. Thank you!

Electroplating plastic abs?

Oru nall vadai sutta patti kaila plastics oorukiruchu athunala Einstein kandu pidichathuthan electroplating.. Electroplating ku paatti quarentee

Is abs plastic gasoline resistant?

No. Some of the solvents, such as benzene or toulene, in gasoline will dissolve the ABS plastic..

What is a pipe fitting?

Pipe fitting is the occupation of installing or repairing pipingsystems, that convey liquid, gas, and occasionally solid materials.This work involves selecting and preparing pipe, tubing and joiningit together by various means. alliedallcityinc.com

What is the abs light for on a xantia when it does not have abs fitted?

It is the same with the petrol xantia having a glow plug light but the car isn't diesel,its just a standard feature on the dashboard,

What are the equivalent pipe lengths for pipe fittings?

There are charts that give "friction losses" such as a globe valve is equal to so many feet of pipe etc.

How do you patch plastic pipe?

Take alluminum foil and put it over the pipe, or you can also use duck tape. Another (far more accurate) answer: That depends on the function of the pipe. If it's carrying pressurized water or sewer water, don't patch it, replace it. Use appropriate fittings to splice in new pipe after carefully cutting out the old, damaged section of pipe. There are special fittings for splicing into a section of pipe that has to be cut away, but if you have any questions or concerns about properly splicing a pipe, contact a qualified plumber or handyman. For other pipe applications (some people use pipe to build frames) you can use whatever you want when patching plastic pipe. Note that for some applications, specifically sprinkler pipe, there are patch segments available to repair sections of pipe that have burst from freezing.

Can abs pipe and PVC pipe be connected?

No, they cannot be connected. There is no glue on the market at the present time that can glue PVC & ABS together. It's difficult, as after one tries to glue it it gives the impression of being solid, but under pressure it will fail. Also, keep in mind that some plumbing codes do not allow ABS pipe to be used.

Do they a glue for black plastic pipe and grey bard fitting?

Black plastic pipe is ABS. What is'gray bard'. Try ABS yellow cement ( from pluming supply store). -Show them 'gray bard', they will advise you.

Do they make a glue for black plastic pipe and grey bard fitting?

Black plastic pipe is ABS -Use yellow ABS cement. -I don't understand "grey bard fitting" -Take this to your plumbing store and they will advise.Black plastic pipe is ABS -Use yellow ABS cement. -I don't understand "grey bard fitting" -Take this to your plumbing store and they will advise.

How do you fit a abs ring on a clio?

You need to heat the ring with a blow torch until it is glowing orange then using an instrument pick up the ring and put it in place. when the ring cools it will never come off. Please note, do not coll the ring manually with cold water etc in hope to speed up the cooling process because the weakens the ring and cause hair line fractures not visible to the human eye. It will cool with in 20 Min's Normally.

Can you use PVC glue on abs pipes?

NO. it won't stick well under pressure. -Both Oatey and Weld-On make 'Transition Cement' for exactly this purpose.

Can you use plastic pipe for propane?

Plastic pipe is allowed per 2006 Uniform Plumbing Code (current as of 2010) for underground exterior applications of LP gas (propane, butane, natural gas...). The pipe must be per ASTM D 2513. When you apply for your permit, the local jurisdiction will tell you what you can/can't use for your particular situation.

What is crush pressure in plastic pipe?

\nThis ranges anything from 0 bars to 16 bars (depending on country) depending on the type of plastic pipe used and for what purpose.

What type of plastic is ABS?

It is acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene. There is a hard polymer of styrene - acrylonitrile with soft rubbery domains of polybutadiene which toughen the plastic and make it more fracture resistant.

Is abs plastic strong?

Yea it is for a airsoft gun then yes it is very durible even I cold weather

What is a pipe fitting that changes diameter of a pipe?

it's called a reducer.concentric/eccentric.eccentric changes the center line.concentric stays the same just reduces the pipe size

Why are drain pipes made from plastic?

PVC pipes, made of combined plastic and vinyl, are often used forprojects in which a drainage pipe has to hold up well againstpressure and heavy weight. This type of drainage pipe can beconstructed in a range of sizes and is very durable, even whenexposed to chemicals.

Galvanised pipe to copper pipe fitting?

You will want to put a length of copper into the fitting and solder it before you put it on the galvanised so that you don't cook out the pipe dope. >>they also could have soldiered on a flange on copper and thread on galvanized pipe.would have been another choice

Why are copper pipes being replaced by plastic pipes?

To keep the population lower (thin the herd) the US government wants carcinogenic materials used in lower income housing as toxins leach into the (Potable) drinking water supply . A funeral is a lot cheaper (according to the US Senate) then having a leaches on welfare for two or three generations

What are the advantages of plastic piping?

plastic piping has one main advantage and that is that it doesn't rust over time

How strong is ABS plastic?

Abs plastic is pretty strong, if your wanting to get an airsoft gun made of abs plastic i would get it Does that help??

What is pipe fitting?

A pipe fitting is anything that connects two or more pipes together. Pipe fitting is the job of installing piping. It is broken down into sub categories, of water, gas, steam but all are pipe fitters.

Is it okay to paint plastic pipes?

If you are intending to paint plastic pipes because they are visible in a room and you want to disguise them, the answer is yes. For the white or cream coloured pipes, that carry water (hot and cold) from a source, you may need to give them a light sanding to remove the printing on the surface. Follow with a wipe with a tack cloth, then paint with a good latex primer and finish with your top coat. In some cases two or possibly three coats of your top coat will do if you have no primer. For the large black pipes that carry waste water away, a light sanding, followed by a good latex primer and then your top coat will get the job done. If you are painting the pipes hoping the paint will reduce condensation, or worse still a leak, I'm sorry, paint won't help you. If you have used plastic pipe for decorative purposes, then follow the instructions above.

What are the benefits of using ABS plastics?

The main benefit of ABS Plastic is its strength and toughness. It is also a recyclable material. One of its weaknesses - the fact that is does not do well with exposure to UV rays - can be overcome by adding a UV stabilizer. It is easily extruded and injection molded.

Will a 1.75 in pipe fit a 2in pipe?

NO but copper tubing will fit inside one another BUT not schedule 40 or thicker

Does abs glue damage PVC pipe?

No, ABS glue will not damage PVC pipe. -It will not stick it properly either.

Where is a plumber most likely to find information about the types of plastic soil and vent pipe fittings on site?

well to know what kind of pipe and fittings a plumber used is easy just look under a kitchen sink and look what kind of drain pipe comes threw the wall or if you go on the roof you can see if you have solid wall or cell core wall. if its a old house then forget about knowing because its probably been remodeled and you have about every kind of pipe they make for a drain

Is a plastic pipe an insulator?

Yes , plastic is a poor conductor of heat!!:) M etal is a good conductor though

How do you connect ceramic pipe to plastic pipe?

Special epoxy, the ceramic place would have it With a no hub coupling or Mission coupling, the problem with "epoxy" is it becomes brittle and can crack and it does NOT have the same coefficient of expansion per degree change as either plastic or ceramic and the surfaces for epoxy to work properly have to be clean and prepared.. Few if any codes say "use epoxy" If the ceramic piping has a hub one can use cast iron pipe installed into the cermamic hub pour a joint and then use an adapter fitting to plastic

How do you join a large plastic pipe to a smaller copper pipe?

If it is a pressure pipe, you would reduce the plastic down to the copper pipes size with reducer fittings and then use one to go to copper. If a waste line and the difference is not too great, you can use a rubber coupling that is the right size on each end and held on with hose clamps.

What glue to use when gluing PVC pipe to abs pipe?

Oakley makes a green label transition glue which is made for such a situation. However, many of your local hardware stores do not carry this product, so use the general purpose PVC glue with primer it is a thicker and harder bond than the ABS glue ANS 2 -OATEY -makes Transition cement and it's available at any plumbing supplier. PVC glue will not bond to ABS. Better option is to use two mechanical (threaded) joints.

Why plastic pipes than metal pipes?

Why use plastic over metal? Plastic pipes will not corrode like metal pipes will. In metal pipes, as corrosion builds, the inside diameter of the pipe gets smaller over time thus reducing flow but not pressure. Todays plastics are highly advanced and there is a plastic pipe for almost every situation. One downside to plastic is that it must be supported more often along its length than metal pipes. Plastic pipe is more flexible and that makes it less likely to freeze.

What is the Melting temperature of abs plastic?

abs plastics is a Polycarbonate the Melting pooint of abs plastic aka PolyCarbonate is 267 degrees Celcius or 513 Degrees Fahrenheit

What glue is best with abs pipe?

ABS yellow glue is the correct glue for ABS pipe. The only other glue to consider is Weld On Transition cement if you are gluing ABS to PVC parts.

What are the disadvantages of ABS plastic?

The notable disadvantages concerning ABS deal with harmful exposure. According to Daniel J. Yoder, vice president of engineering and technology for Spartech Corp. in Clayton, MO, ABS is not suitable for UV exposure unless capped with a weatherable polymer, and it carries a higher price than polystyrene or polyethylene. Welsh further noted that ABS will crack and craze when subjected to petroleum-based cutting and tapping oils, is flammable and, under UV exposure, will cross-link, causing parts to become very brittle. This cannot be avoided by coating or painting, Welsh added

What can plastic piping be used for?

Plastic piping can be used for a number of things. First, it can be used in plumbing, although not as sturdy as copper. It is used for drain lines frequently. It can also be used as support, such as a lattice for roses.

Where can one purchase plastic pipes?

Plastic Pipes can be purchased at most home hardware stores like RONA, Home Depot and Ikea. They can also be purchased at the website 'Home Depot' which prices ranging from $2 to $20.

What are the advantages of copper pipe fittings over plastic?

The advantages of copper pipe fittings over plastic is that copper does not bend or break as easily as plastic, so it lasts longer and is much more reliable as well.