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Where do you get all 8 plates Pokemon platnium?

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spell you trash 'platnium'=Platinum

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after you get all 8 badges,get as many legendary Pokemon as u can.seach you tube to help find them.

1. Pokemon Black and White 2. Pokemon Platnium 3. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl 4. Pokemon Battle Revilusion 5. Pokemon heartGold and SoulSilver 6. Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen 7. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky 8. Pokemon Yellow Version (Only because you start with a pikachu) 9. Pokemon Sapphire 10. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time and Darkness.

we can get 8 gym badges byfighting all the gym leaders in Pokemon pearl.

Yes there is Arceus and Mew. In Pokemon Sapphire Ruby and Emerald Sharpedo and Tropius can learn all 8

THINGS U WILL NEEDA Pokemon diamond or platnium gameA friend that has one of these gamesYourself1 Pokemon1 or more poke ballsWHAT 2 DO0.bioth of you guys, save your game.1.Go to the nearest patch of tall grass.2.whoever does not have Pokemon to duplicate, catch yourself a Pokemon. (preferably one you don't want; you'll never see it again.) and your friend go to the union room in the nearest Pokemon center.4.Whoever has the Pokemon to duplicate, trade it with the Pokemon that either you or your friend doesnt want.5.both of you get out.6.the person that has the Pokemon you want to duplicate, save again.7.tjhe person that doesnt have the Pokemon you guys want to duplicate, turn the DS off without saving.8.the person that just turned off, turn it on to diamond or platnium again.9.Both of you will find that you have the same old Pokemon.10. have fun duplicating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Eurasian Plates 6.Australian Plates 2.Africa Plates 7. Antarctic Plates 3.Pacific Plates 8.America Plates [North and South] 4.Indian Plates

Yes, there are the 8 johto gyms and after the Pokemon league you can go to kanto and face their gym leaders who all have powerful Pokemon and are all as powerful as the next. Yes, there are the 8 johto gyms and after the Pokemon league you can go to kanto and face their gym leaders who all have powerful Pokemon and are all as powerful as the next. kwl thanks alot

No, you can trade with no badges at all.

stop playing Pokemon like all of the other 8 year olds!!<3;p

there are 8 badges in Pokemon ruby like all the others. :) tehehe

You can, but you just have to beat all 8 Gyms first.

You are in jhoto first then when you have all the 8 gym badges you can go to kanto and get 8 more badges which will be all 16 badges then you can challenge the pokemon league. Hope that helped.

Beat all 8 gyms and the Pokemon league in johto and you'll see from there.

It depends in which Pokemon game, but in the newest games (Diamond/Pearl) You will need to earn badges to get a higher level for them to obey. if you have all 8, all Pokemon will obey you.

You need to beat all the 8 gym badges. I have just completed the 8 badges and my Pokemon are all around lv. 65 (well... at least 3 of them are!). I hope this helps

they do not have 7 badges they have 8 in kanto,and have 8 in jhoto.

Wow u grimlon u get in to the Pokemon league by beating all the 8 gym leaders. Rrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttttttaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrdddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In all of the games, it's the same, beat the 8 gyms.

beat the elite four and all 8 trainers

get all 8 badges then go to prof.oak he has 3 Pokemon .

By defeating all 8 gym leaders.

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