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who is allow to do Vehichle/car repossession? when is a vehichle/car repossession not allowed? whats the minimum insurance needed for car repossession?

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Q: Where do you get car repossossion permit?
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How can you use permit in sentences?

I have a permit to drive this car. I'm about to get my permit.

What is the maximum age to apply for a car permit?

The maximum age to apply for a car permit is 25.

Do you need a permit to park a motorcyle on Harvard's campus?

A parking permit is required to park on Harvard's campus. They offer a regular car permit, and also a motorcycle permit which is a little cheaper than a car permit.

Can i car be driven with a cdl permit?

Your CDL permit is in addition to the class of licence you had beforehand. So long as you were licenced to drive a car before you got your CDL permit, you can drive your own car while you possess a CDL permit.

Do you need car insurance if you have a permit?

In order to drive a car, you must have insurance. You do not have to have insurance with a permit if you're not planning on driving the car.

Can you buy a car with a learners permit?

can you buy a new car with learners permit?

How do you get insurance with just your learners permit?

how do i get car insurance with just my learners permit?

Can you buy a car with your permit?

You can buy a car at any age ;)

Can someone over the age of 25 with a permit buy a car and register the car and put insurance on the car?

Yes. But without a license, they are not permitted to drive the car alone with just a permit.

With a permit can you own a car?


Can you finance a car with drivers permit?

No, a person can not finance a car with just a drivers permit. A person will need to show that they have a drivers license.

What if there is a car accident with a learner's permit only but learner was not at fault in ca?

my daughter has a permit and hit my neighbor's parked car. I am her mother and was in the car during the incident. My insurance is taking care of the repairs but will the DMV take away her permit?