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Where do you get feebas?

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You can find him in Mt. Coronent if you have Pokemon Pearl or Diamond version but if you have Ruby,Emerald,or Sapphire then you can find him in the waters of Route 119 though it will be very hard to find it Good Luck!

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How do you evlove a feebas?

To evlove a FEEBAS to get a MILOTIC is feed feebas poffins or pokeblocks until FEEBAS evloves. From: Pokefreak!!!

What do you breed to get feebas?

feebas and feebas. male and female. day care. then egg! -

When does feebas evolve?

Anyway, to evolve Feebas into Milotic, your Feebas has to have its max beauty, then after that level it up by 1. And then Feebas will evolve into Milotic.

Where can you get feebas?

you can get feebas near route 119.

How do you get feebas in platnum?

You can get Feebas in Mt. Coronet.

How does Feebas evolve?

feebas evolves with maximum beauty. ^_^

Can boy feebas evolve?

Yes male Feebas can evolve in fact all Feebas can evolve regardless of gender.

What level will feebas evolve?

feebas evolve at level 16

Where is feebas in ruby?

Feebas is located on route 119 in the river

What is a feebas tile?

it is a lake where feebas are in. the lake is in mt corenet

What type of Pokemon is feebas?

Feebas is a Water type pokemon.

Old rod Feebas?

You can catch Feebas with any rod.

Where can you find a feebas in Pokemon HeartGold?

You cannot find a Feebas on the game but you can find a Feebas on the Pokewalker Route Quiet Cave

When does feebas evolve in Pokemon Emerald?

Feebas evolves when you have maxed out its Beauty Stat and then you level it up. If Feebas' sheen is maxed out but its Beauty isn't then it cannot evolve and it's stuck as a Feebas.

How does a feebas evolve?

You got to level up feebas with high beauty.

How do you get a feebas easy in emerald?

U can find feebas in Route 119.

Where is a feebas in platinum?

feebas u can in a beach by fishing and it evolves into milotic

Who as a feebas in Pokemon platinum?

on the left of sunnyshore city. a fisherman has feebas

How do you evolve feebas on Pokemon Black?

Get someone to trade with you, and make them send a Feebas over holding a Prism Scale and Feebas evolves into Milotic.

What level does feebas?

Feebas does not evolve by leveling up, it evolves when the beauty is maxed out.

Where do you get a feebas in emerald?

befor you get to fortree city and yous a good rod on feebas.

Do you have to use a super rod to catch feebas?

No, but your Feebas will be alot stronger in levels if you do?

How do you get feebas in pokemon platnum?

in lake verity toss the rod in and a feebas will appear

Which Rod do you use to fish for Feebas in Emerald?

FeebasUse a Super Rod.

How can you evolve a Feebas on Pokefarm?

The Feebas' beauty must be at its maximum in order to evolve.