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If you don't have enough moneySome facilities have funds to help cover abortions for women who can't pay. Also, the National Abortion Federation hotline operators at (800) 772-9100 can sometimes help find funding sources.

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Nope, they are not free anywhere.

Abortions are not risk free. Any medical procedure carries risks. Early abortions are very minor procedures and the risks are minor ones. If you go to Planned Parenthood they can go over the risks involved with you.

No. There is Medicaid and also private funds that help out.

The closest clinic to Grand Prairies, Texas that offers free healthcare for women is the Planned Parenthood in Arlington. It's about 25 miles away. Call first though because PPL don't usually give free abortions or the shot or Implanon.

The UK has legalized Abortions.

All US states have abortions.

Abortions is a conscious choice, not an accident.

she spends her time at teh abortion clinic giving free abortions to dogs.

Late-term abortions account for about 1% of abortions out of millions each year.

Abortions are usually safe if they are performed by a licensed doctor.

There is no count kept for abortions in US

Abortions are legal in ALL states since 1973.

WORLDWIDENumber of abortions per year: Approximately 42 MillionNumber of abortions per day: Approximately 115,000UNITED STATESNumber of abortions per year: 1.37 Million (1996)Number of abortions per day: Approximately 3,700

The annual number of abortions in the US or the rate for abortions is about 1.21 million which is about a 5 percent decrease over the last several years. This is a rate of about 15 abortions performed for each 1000 women.

There are no legal limits for how many abortions a woman is allowed to have.

ANSWERIn general, woman can have as many abortions as she wants BUT it is not healthy and not recommended.

Absolutely unless you had problems with infections or scarring after the abortions.

17% of all abortions a year are done to teens.

no abortions go back to the ancient Egyptians and probably before that. It was def around before the Nazis and many women died in backalley abortions.

All abortions performed in Kentucky are legal ones.

13 million abortions a year are performed in China.

There is no limit but abortions should not be used as a contraceptive method

No, doctors are not reequired by law to perform abortions in the US.

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