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Where do you get ho oh on Pokemon pearl?


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first you cant get it you have to migrat it off leafgreen

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Ho-oh is not wild in Pokemon Pearl.

You can't catch Ho-oh in Pokemon Pearl or in Pokemon Diamond, but you can migrate Ho-oh in pal park from a GBA game.

You cannot catch Ho-oh in Pokemon Pearl but you can transfer Ho-oh from a GBA game using Pal Park.

Ho-Oh cannot be found in Pearl so you will have to migrate one from one of the previous games.

You can't get Ho-Oh in Pokemon Pearl or Diamond. You have to catch it at Navel Rock in LeafGreen,FireRed,or Emerald.(You need a mystic ticket to get there). Then migrate it to Pearl or Diamond.Then you'll have Ho-Oh.

You will need to trade from HeartGold or SoulSilver or migrate Ho-Oh or Lugia from a Gameboy Advance game in order to be able to have Ho-Oh or Lugia in Pokemon Pearl.

you cant obtain Ho-Oh in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl unless you use Action Replay DS you can get ho-oh by transfering it from your LeafGreen, FireRed, Emerald, Ruby/Sapphire

Only through migration or cheats. Sorry =(

Hi there. No, you cannot "catch" a Ho-oh in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, however, there are other ways that you can get a Ho-oh into your Diamond and Pearl version of Pokemon:1) You can complete the tasks necessary in order to unlock Ho-oh in Pokemon Colosseum and then transfer it over to your Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald version of Pokemon, and then migrate the Ho-oh into your Pokemon Diamond and Pearl versions of the game.2) You can get one over the GTS if you've already seen a Ho-oh in your game.3) You can use an Action Replay to hack one into your Diamond or Pearl version of Pokemon, or you can hack one into your Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald version of Pokemon and migrate it into your Diamond and Pearl versions.4) You can trade for one from one of your friends.Hope this helps :)

It just pops out of nowhere.

Ho-oh can be obtained from Pokemon colosseum after using your story mode Pokemon in mt battle vs 100 you will receive a ho-oh in your PC trade it to a GBA Pokemon game then migrate it to diamond, pearl or platinum.

first of all you complete Pokemon colloseum and eventually you will come accross a ho-oh then you trade it to Pokemon r/s/e and then migrate to Pokemon P/D/Pl.

You can't normally get ho-oh in pearl or diamond. You have to get the event for Pokemon leaf green, fire red, or emerald. Then you just cath it at pal park after migrating it.

You must MIGRATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Ho-oh, and you don't even get it in D/P. You get it at Navel Rock in Pokemon Emerald,as well as Lugia.

You cant find Ho-oh on Dimond and Pearl the only way to get it is to transfer from a gameboy game to d\p from the palpark.

Ho-oh can be caught on Navel Rock in R/S/E. It can then be traded to D/P.

You can't find a ho oh in diamond or pearl you can only migrate it over.

You have to trade him from fire red or leaf green

tell us what bird Pokemon you want!!! If you mean Ho-oh or lugia, then you can`t :(

Ho-oh is only obtainable in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl by migrating it from 3rd Generation. To get it in 3rd Generation, you have to clear Mt.Battle in Colosseum or get it from a Nintendo Event.

You can only get Ho-oh in Diamond/Pearl by transfering it from a GBA Pokemon game via the Pal Park. Or simply trading with some other player. :)

No, I have my Ho-oh (Saphira) on Pokemon soulsilver.

as far as i know you can't get a ho-oh in diamond or pearl, there is a possibility to get one though. in some of the really old Pokemon games(silver gold or crystal) there was an event were they gave out ho-ohs, and diamond and pearl theres a way to transfer Pokemon from any third generation game. sadly the specified games from above were 2nd generation, so, you would have to have aobtained a ho-oh from a once in a lifetime event, traded it to an emerald Sapphire or ruby game, then transfered the ho-oh to your diamond/pearl game.

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