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Where do you get iPod touches?


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Obviously, The Apple Store or The iBeat Store.

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All iPod touches do take apps but not all iPod do. The iPod touches are the only ones.

iPod Touches come in 8GB, 32GB and 64GB.

No. Only iPod touches 4th generation and above can record video, as these are the only iPod touches with cameras.

There hasn't been a rise of reported iPod Touches that broke on their own. iPod Touches do have the ability to break, but the construction is pretty sturdy to where it is not often the iPod Touch completely breaks. Although iPod Touches do break, it is not likely they will break on their own.

the ipod touches mostly have black i havent seen anyother colors

Yes all iPod touches have app stores.

Most Wi-Fi routers work with iPod Touches.

There is already a 3rd generation of iPod Touches on the market today.

No, unfortunately only the 4th generation iPod touches have facetime.

iPod Touches do not use telephone lines. iPod touches use Wi-Fi routers.

Yes they do PS: "Does Costco sell ipod touches" IS NOT THE SAME QUESTION AS " what price is a ipod touch at Costco"

Yes, they still sell 16 gb iPod Touches.

No, ipod touches and iphones have internet

The 4th generation iPod Touch.

There are only three different types of iPod Touches. That means there are three different generations available on the market. These generations are the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation of iPod Touches.

Rock band is not pre-installed on all iPod Touches, but every iPod Touch has the capability of using that app.

No ipod touches will always have internet/safari but you have to be in a wifi zone to use the internet.

Yes. FaceTime can be used between iPhones, iPod touches, iPads, and Macs.

Yes, all iPod Touches (and all iPods in general) have the same charger.

no games are only for ipod touches, ipod nanos, ipod nano touches, the original ipod, iphones and any other apple product with a screen (ex. not the ipod shuffle)

No, 1st gerneration iPod touches cannot fit a 2nd generation sleeve/case because 1st generation iPod touches are not shaped the same as 2nd gerneration iPod touches.

4th and 5th Generation iPod Touches come in white. All others are black.

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