Where do you get mewto on Pokemon darkness?


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cant you have to either trade from pokemon leafgreen or fire red

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I don't really know but i think you have to have an Action Replay to get mewto lr you have to transfer it from an older Pokemon

The strongest Pokemon in the world is mewto level x

i got mine using GAMESHARK

the best Pokemon are mewto and the rarest Pokemon ever mew.

in cerulean cave the same same as in Pokemon leafgreen,and firered

Getting Mewto in Emeraldyou have to trade it from firered or leafgreen Answeru can use an action replay. that's what i did. but trading works too.

Migrate from Fire Red or Leaf Green.

you cant do anything because you did everything

You cannot see it in the wild in Pokemon Diamond; you have to transfer it from FireRed/LeafGreen.

Mew is a legendary pokemon,phsycic type pokemon,that evolves into Mewto. ^Mew doesnt evolve

yes, you can get mew in fire red also mewto.

you cant. you have to migrate him to platinum from one of the GBA games.

mewto legendary birds- zapdos-thunder moltres-fire articuno-ice

to get mew , get old sea map and go to farawy island and catch iy. breed it with mewto for mewto to learn transform

Mewtwo is a copy of mew and doesn't evolve from or to any other pokemon.

No, there is not a breeding center in Pokemon XD, Gale of Darkness.

Play another game or try collected all pokemon (mewto)

Mewto, croagunk, raiku, entei, suicune. Thats all i remember for now.

beat the game, and go to misty's town. and go to the cave

Waleord Mew & Mewto are some good ones, but I dont know the best

you cant you've got to go to a Pokemon convention i did this now ive got mew AND mewto :-)

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