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Where do you get the Aurora ticket Mystic ticket an Eon ticket d?


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To get the tickets you either have to go to a special Nintendo event, or you can cheat with an action replay or game shark.

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yes, its the bitrh island enabler: aurura ticket. Navel rock enabler: mystic ticket. but i dont have th codes for them sorry. you could try supercheats.com, or gameshark.com on gameshark.com the codes there always work except for the walk through walls code._____________________________________________________________________(M)aster code:9266FA6C97BD905B5ED35F81B76A68E5FAB1Old Sea Chart in PC:5B1CB4D7 10FA9D05Old Sea Chart Enabler (do not have Brave Symbol):66170A7B BA1B4D7BOld Sea Chart Enabler (have Brave Symbol):653C743B 4B626426Aurora Ticket in PC:483511F5 E6C8E537Aurora Ticket Enabler (do not have Brave Symbol):66170A7B BA1B4D7BAurora Ticket Enabler (have Brave Symbol):653C743B 4B626426Mystic Ticket in PC:BE39B3A8 280987E1Mystic Ticket EnablerE961B0C7 750B1250Eon ticket in PC:0A6626D3 648DA17AEon Ticket Enabler181690CB 4E53CB05There you go =DI know these work, I tested them (well... I tested the enablers :P)

u need mystic ticket or use cheat or get it by trading..:D

u get t on d 8f iland.(i now,bad speling)

you can find it in your bag or go to the ship and see if birth island is an option :D

To obtain an Aurora Ticket you have to go to ANY PokeMart, there will be a paper on the counter, fill it out by saying "Link together with all" The cashier will say you can use the Myrstery Gift, but you have to have been to a wonder spot. Good Luck :-D

Go to slateport city and use the ticket at boat place then it will take you to Birth island where the legendary Pokemon deoxys lives!!!From D****L

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Intersting, mystic, and adventrous, kind.... :D

go to http://www.legendarypokemon.net/imagesEonTicket2.jpg and that's the picture. :D

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Mystic sings the iron man song,:D P.S mark is the best!

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buying a ticket to london an d to the olympics! From: Luca Gianella

well... I`d be happy to help dear Sir.It`s about 620 thousand coins. i`m happy to help.

change him back from a Pokemon to a human he then will give you the s.s ticket :D

Very very reliable! i brought lots of my tickets there :D

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you have to go 2 the pub and beat the guy at darts. then, u play his friend for the submarine ticket hope i helped if not e-mail me at bates7@usa.com :D

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