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Gloom knows that. My oddish evolved and i just noticed that he have it, just like other Pokemon cut or rock smash

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Q: Where do you get the TM sweet scent on Pokemon emerald?
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Where is the TM sweet scent at in Pokemon emerald?

Just get an oddish or or skiploom etc. they learn sweet scent at around lv 20.

Where to get sweet scent on Pokemon sapphire?

There's no TM for it. You have to catch a Pokemon like oddish or tropius which has sweet scent.

How do you get Sweet Scent in Pokemon Crystal?

all you have to do is find TM 12 that contanis sweet scent

Where do you find sweet scent in pokemon sapphire?

You can't find sweet scent as a TM anymore. You have to get a pokemon like odish.

How do you get sweet scent on Pokemon Sapphire?

Since sweet scent is no longer a TM you have to find a Pokemon that can learn that move like Oddish.

Where is the TM sweet scent in Pokemon ruby?

You have catch either a tro

Where do you get the TM trick in Pokemon Emerald?

NOWHERE.The TM trick is not available as a TM in Pokemon Emerald

Where do you get the TM sweet scent in emerald version?

You can't you have to catch a Pokemon that either knows sweet scent or train it to the point when it does some examples of these are Illumise. You can catch one that knows sweet scent at Lv. 13 at Route 117. Another is Oddish. You can catch one just about everywhere on land, or yopu can waste 500 currency units to catch one in the safari zone. Your choice.

What TM is flamethrower in Pokemon emerald?

Tm. 35

What is the TM for lick in Pokemon emerald?

there is no tm for lick

What TM is dig in Pokemon emerald?

TM 28 is dig

Is there a Pokemon in emerald that learns flash without a TM?

No...You have to have the TM for any Pokemon to learn it...

Where do you find the tm71 in Pokemon emerald?

You can't get that TM in emerald.

Can you buy the TM dig in Pokemon Emerald?


Which TM is flamethrower in Pokemon emerald?


How do you get TM mean look on Pokemon Emerald?

I'm sorry to say but you cannot get TM mean look on Pokemon emerald because it does not exist. Bye

In Pokemon Emerald where can you get the TM Rain Dance?

I don't remember... I lost my Pokemon Emerald Game.

Where do you get TM blizzard in Pokemon emerald?

You can get the TM for blizzard at the Lilycove Department Store.

Where can you get TM Flamethrower?

u could get the TM in the Pokemon lottery in emerald version

Where is TM rock slide in Pokemon Emerald?

rockslide is not a TM in Pokemon rse but u can get it in battle frontier from a move tutor only in emerald idk about rs

How do you get the TM payback in emerald?

Sadly TM payback does not exist in emerald it was introduced in Pokemon diamond and pearl hope this helps

In Pokemon Emerald where do you get TM dragon pulse?

I don't think dragon pulse is in Pokemon emerald, sorry.

Where can you find TM 21 in Pokemon emerald?

you have to have a pokemon that hates you on the left

Can you get TM dragon claw twice in Pokemon emerald?

yoursadasking about pokemon

TM dragon dance Pokemon emerald?

Dragon dance cannot found on a TM.