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Q: Where do you get the defender class in AQworlds?
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How do you get defender class in AQWorlds?

you get defender class is menber only

Is defender a strong class in aqworlds?

I think so

Where do you get the defender class armor in AQWorlds?

in the tower must have vertified account to any member ship such as mecquest dragonfable and battleon the game.

Where do i a Dragon's Defender in AQWorlds?

you can find the dragons defender in yulgar(battleontown)you can buy it in suggestion shop and the price is 40,000

How do you be dragonlord in AQWorlds?

buy a dragon amulet for an account that is linked to your master account. then goto the AQWorlds homepage, and look on the side for "Verify DragonLord"Afterwards, type "/join tower" and go to the far left. Find the Dragon Amulet person, and there is DragonLord class and Defender Class.

Where do you get the paladin class in AQWorlds?

You get Paladin class in AQWorlds from Artix in Swordhaven (he is found in the inn).

How can you be a ranger in AQWorlds?

You cannot be a ranger in AQworlds. It is not currently an available class.

What is the best echantment for defender in AQWorlds?

It depends on what you'll use him for. If it's for tank, then go for warrior enhancements.

How can you be a guardian in aqworlds?

You can't exactly be a Guardian on AQWorlds, but you can verify on AQW that you have Guardian on the original Adventure Quest and get Guardian class in AQWorlds. :)

How do you get dragonlord class in AQWorlds?

You have to link your Dragonfable Dragon Amulet account to your AQWorlds account.

What is the code for dragonlord class on AQWorlds?

There is no code. You have to enter in your login information from a Dragonfable account with a Dragon Amulet to receive dragonlord class on AQWorlds.

What class should you choose on AQWorlds?

you should choose class a

Is the Warlord Class the same as the Warrior class in AQWorlds?


How do you get clawsuit class in AQWorlds?


Where can you get healer class in AQWorlds?

you get it from the enhancers

On AQworlds is the ninja class good?

It is a good class for non-members.

Is paladin class in aqworlds nonmembers?

It's a member's only class.

Where can you get no class in AQWorlds?

No class is located in Oshii's shop at the Thanksgiving event.

How do you get palidan class on AQWorlds?

well if you want to get padlin class on aqworlds then firts you have to be a member on adventure quest, then click confirm padlin class on the homepage,type in your adventure quest account, and then go to the castle and bu the padlin class.

How do you get claw suit class in AQWorlds?

it has to be christmas

Do you have to be a member to be get paladin class in AQWorlds?


What is the best starting class in AQWorlds?


Is ninja a good class in AQWorlds?


What is code for dragonlord class on AQWorlds?

there is none

AQWorlds is Protosartorium class for members?

Yes, the Protosartorium class is for members only.