Where do you get the electrizar on Pokemon Pearl?

you cant lol


how do you get electrizar on Pokemon pearl


It can be found on wild Elekid (so you'll have to capture them, then check them for their hold item). It could take a while, though - only 5% chance of it holding one (or so I hear).

You can catch wild Elekid at the Valley Windworks if you have Pokemon FireRed in the GBA slot of your DS.

you haph to find it on a wild elekid and then

check the item to see if it has the electizer and

then ounce u have don dat u have got to trade

it to someone and then trade back ten u should have

the Pokemon u want ( uhaphto put the item on the Pokemon

then trade it ) ( when someone gets the Pokemon that has

your elektabuzz it will evolv and then trade it back )

sorry if any words are miss spelt.

you can get an electizar by fighting wild elekid and hoping they have a hold item of an electizar. I've heard there is a 5% chance one will be holding it. you can fight elekid by having the fire red gamepak in and looking at valley windworks.

you have to get a elekid and some have it as an item. you have 5% chance of if having it