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there is no Flute you have to play the flute recording on your radio


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You don't get one in crystal, instead you must use the radio to set it to the Pokemon flute channel.

Pokemon liquid crystal where i can see mew

In Violet City at the back of the gym there is a small pond use surf and there is a fat guy who gives the flute.

use the app on the pokegear and go to the music thing and go to #20

there is no poke flut yes there is, if you got the expn card for your radio you can tune into kanto radio and one of the channels is the poke flute channel.

Blue Flute- Awakens Pokemon Red Flute- Gets rid of infatuation Yellow Flute- Clears confusion Black Flute- Repels wild Pokemon White Flute- Attracts wild Pokemon And that's it.

The white flute I think attracts Pokemon. Later in the game you can also receive a black flute. The black flute on the other hand repels Pokemon.

You get the flute in the Pokemon tower after you get the silph scope.

Yes, you can get the azure flute in Pokemon platinum.

Poke Flute Just a radio channel that only Kant uses Black Flute Repels wild Pokemon White Flute Attracts wild Pokemon Blue Flute Awakens a sleeping Pokemon Yellow Flute Snaps a Pokemon out of Confusion Red Flute Snaps a Pokemon out of Infatuation

There are few types of flutes you can get: blue flute: used for awakening Pokemon yellow flute: used to snap Pokemon out of confusion red flute: used to snap Pokemon out of infatuation white flute: used to lure wild Pokemon black flute: used to repel wild Pokemon These items can be used multiple times. As you see, blue flute awakens Pokemon from sleep. Hope this helps a lot.

you cant use a poke flute on party pokemon

Ok,heres a trick...You get a Azure flute on eather Pokemon d or Pokemon p or platinum then give the flute to one of your Pokemon then tracfer it to Pokemon battle revolution and....WALLA!!!You have an Azure flute!!!

The blue flute wakes up sleeping pokemon

Use the Poke Flute to wake it up Black Apricorn: Heavy Ball -- Big enough to catch heavy Pokemon like Snorlax

Sylveon is not in Pokemon Crystal.

There is no HM08 in Pokemon Crystal. Pokemon Crystal has only 7 HMs that are available to use.

go to your radio and move the dot around until it says poke flute and the snorlax will attack you, I suggest you capture it.

You probably can't get a White Flute in Pokemon White.

The red flute snaps Pokemon out of infatuation if the Pokemon was attacked by an attack like Attract.

You can find the Poke Flute in the Pokemon Tower. After you free Mr. Fuji, he will give you the Poke Flute.

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