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you already have your Flute its the pokegear take the button with your stylus up to the top it get poke flute theme

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How do you awake Snorlax in Pokemon HeartGold?

You need to get kanto radio tower and get the card, the use radio circle to the top and the poke flute will happen to wake up snorlax

What do you do with the flute on Pokemon HeartGold?

The PokeFlute is used to awaken Snorlax.

Where in Kanto do you get the flute to awake Snorlax Pokemon soul silver?

Surprisingly you've had it all the time! It's on your radio and after you play it next to the snorlax it will be awake

How do you awake the 2 Snorlax in SoulSilver?

you tune on to the poke flute chanel on the radio in your poke gear then go to the snorlax and pres a

How Snorlax awake pokemon firered?

you get poke flute from guy in top of poke tower

How do i get Snorlax awake in Pokemon FireRed?

You must use the Poke Flute to wake up Snorlax which is given by Mr Fuji at Lavendar Town.

How do you wake Snorlax Pokemon Blue?

well first you need to get mr. fuji from the pokemon tower when your in his house talk to him he will give you the poke flute go to a snorlax use your poke flute it will awake you can use it in battle too

How do you get the flute to wake Snorlax in HeartGold?

You have to go to Lavender Town. You go to the Kanto Radio Station and get your PokeGear upgraded. Once you've done that go to the snorlax. On the radio, drag the circle to the top until it says Poke Flute. After that, Snorlax wakes up and you can battle it.

How do you wake up the Snorlax blocking Diglett cave in HeartGold?

you need to get the flute from the old man in the ghost town.

In Pokemon heartgold where do you find the flute to wake up Snorlax?

its one of the radio stations in your pokegear. it says pokeflute

How do you wake Snorlax up on Pokemon heartgold?

Get the EXPN card from the guy from radio tower in lavender town then go to the snorlax and tap your raido until you get the poke flute station. then press a on snorlax and it should battle you.

How do you get to fuschia city in blue?

You must get the Poké Flute. Clear the Lavender Tower to get it. After that, you can awake Snorlax with it, clearing the way to Fuschia City.

Where is the flute to wake Snorlax?

In Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, this purpose is fulfilled by the radio function of the Pokégear. An EXPN Card is required for this, and the Poké Flute is on channel 20 in Kanto. You don't need the actual Poké Flute.

How do you get the poke flute in Pokemon HeartGold?

You cant but you can listen it over the radio first get the kanto radio card in lavender town then access the radio and move the circle to the top middle and it will play pokeflute. If this is about snorlax then to wake him up you have to have the flute playing and then talk to snorlax.

Where is the poke flute in heartgold?

after you fix the power plant a person in lavender town (inside the radio tower) and he gives you it to move the snorlax (which you can catch)

Where do you find the poke-flute in Pokemon heartgold?

there is no pokeflute in heart gold. to wake up snorlax use the pokeflute channel on the radio

Where do you get the poke' flute in HeartGold?

You can't get a Poke Flute in gold; you have to use the music on your radio to wake up Snorlax, or another item if you want to wake your Pokemon up during a battle

How do you get past snorlax in pokemon leafgreen?

You will first get the poke flute and then use it to Snorlax.

In Pokemon HeartGold How do you get the poke flute in?

In Pokemon heartgold, if you are in the kanto region, you can use the pokeflute. Just be right beside snorlax, go to pokegear, go to radio, and move the circle to the very top of the radio graph

How do you wake up Snorlax heartgold?

you have to go to lavander town and go to the radio tower thrn talk to a man with a hat and he will give you a card to your pokegear then go to talk to snorlax and pot the radio and move the channel to the top and it will start using the poke flute and snorlax will attack you

How do you move Snorlax in Pokemon Heart Gold?

Follow these steps 1: Go to the radio tower to get the flute (you use the flute to wake up the Pokemon) 2: Go to the snorlax and play the flute 3: Then click on the snorlax and then you battle him PS: that is going to be the only snorlax you can battle in the wild

How do you wake the sleeping Snorlax on Pokemon heartgold?

Play the channel Pokeflute on your gear near him then talk to him. You ge the flute by talking to the old man in the radio tower.

What do you do after you get a poke flute in LeafGreen?

Go to the place where a sleeping pokemon/snorlax is blocking your way then play the flute, snorlax will be awaken then fight it then catch it

Where do you get the Pokémon flute in Pokémon HeartGold?

When you get to Kanto, you have to go to Lavender town Radio tower and get the EXPN card from an old man inside. Then if you tune your radio to the top, you can use the Pokemon flute channel in Kanto and awaken Snorlax.

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