Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

Where do you get the good rod in diamond?

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go to harthome city, go to right --->exit, go right, talk to fisherman, say yes, obtain good rod.

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Where to find a good rod in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

A Good Rod is available within Roue 209 in Diamond and Pearl.

How do you get a super rod on diamond?

pack a punch your good rod ;)

Pokemon diamond rods?

old rod good rod super rod and pie rod

What is the extreme rod in Pokemon diamond?

NO Such Thing Only Super Rod/Good Rod/Old Rod.

Where do you get a good rod in Pokemon diamond?

ebay is a good place

Can you find lumineon in Pokemon diamond with a good rod?

No. It is only with the super rod.

Where is the great-rod in Pokemon diamond?

there is no great rod there is only old , good and super

Where do you get a good rod on Pokemon diamond?

I have no clue but you can get a super rod by talking to the fisherman in the fight area

Where to get old rod in Pokemon diamond?

Old rod- Jubilife City Good rod- Route 209 Super rod- Fight area

Where to get a fishing rod on Pokemon diamond?

Old rod: Jubilife city Good rod: Route 209 Super rod: Fight area

Where do you get Great Rod in Pokemon Diamond?

You can find a good rod on route 209 or you can find a super rod in the Fight Area.

Where do you get the good rod in Pokemon diamond?

Go left of pasitoria city and talk to this fisherman guy and he will say "do you have a good rod, you don't here you go". You will receive the good rod.

Where do you catch a finneon in Pokemon Diamond?

good rod in canalve

How can you get the good rod in Pokemon diamond?

you get it in a city called azalea

Where to find the good rod in Pokemon Sinnoh?

To acquire the Good Rod in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and/or Platinum, simply travel to Route 209 and you will meet a fisherman who will give you the Good Rod.

Where do you get in good rod in Diamond?

go right of hearthome city talk to the fisher man say yes and you got the good rod

Where to find borboach in Pokemon diamond?

Barboach can be caught using the Good Rod in many bodies of water in Pokemon Diamond. One of the areas where it is easy to find with the Good Rod is the Great Marsh.

What is the best rod to chatch a feebas in Pokemon diamond?

There is no specificrod that you have to use. You can use Old Rod, Good Rod, or Super Rod. I used Old Rod and it worked fine.

Where to catch a Feebas in Pokemon Diamond?

in mount cornet with a good rod

Where is the good-rod location on Pokemon diamond?

in the hearthome enterance

Where do you find the good rod on Pokemon diamond?

The fisherman on Route 209.

Where can you find a goldeen in Pokemon diamond?

in most lakes with your good rod

Where can you catch horsea in Pokemon diamond?

Route 226 with the Good Rod.

Where do you catch a wild Barbroach in diamond?

At Mt Coronet with a good rod.

Where do you get the fishing rod in Pokemon Diamond?

go out of hearthome and there is a fishemen talk to him and hay pest o you have a good rod