Where do you get the jet pack on spy island?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Its at early poptropica not spy island

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Q: Where do you get the jet pack on spy island?
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How do you become Jet Pack Guy on Club Penguin?

Be red wear spy glasses wear spy top and tie and wear jet pack done

How do you get a jet pack on poptropica spy?

there is none on spy you get a secret bow tie

Is there a way to use your jet pack on astro knight island?


How do you get the jet pack fuel down on club penguin on the secret of the fur?

first get the fan then blow the jet pack fuel to here then use your spy phones scissors to cut down the rope

What island on Poptropica is the jet pack on?

Early Poptropica. hope this helps!:)

How do you get jet pack fuel in the mission?

go to the light house upstairs and cut the balloon with scissors with your spy phone

What part in shark tooth island can you find the jet pack?

There are no jet-packs or flying devices on Shark Tooth island. The jet-pack is an item on Early Poptropica, the first Poptropica island, and is located in the cloud land accessed by the beanstalk above Poptropica Towers. (see related question)

In clubpenguin in the mission of the fur how do you get the jet pack fuel?

You go to the beacon (top of the lighthouse) and go towards the jet pack landing pad (where you start the jet pack adventure game). You will see a green balloon with jet pack fuel tied to it on a string. Use the fan from G's lab to blow it closer. Get out the scissors from your spy phone and cut the string. You should then be able to get the fuel.

How do you blow the jet pack fuel closer?

You go to the gadget room and get the fan from the shelf of prototypes then go to the balcony and get the fan out and click on the jet pack fuel and then when it is closer cut it down with yoursiccors from your tools on your spy phone

Is there a way to wear the jet pack on shark tooth island?

You can only wear the jetpack on Early Poptropica island.

On saints row how do you get a jet pack?

No you can not get a jet pack

How do you get a jet pack on clubpenguin?

You get it in the jet pack game on the beacon.