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Where do you get the last Password for team rokets warehouse in Pokemon leaf green?

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u have to beat a team rocket dude

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you go all the the way to the top of warehouse then you beat cyrus and there is a green button and you go on it

If you want to be able to trade with Games outside of Leaf Green/Fire Red you won't bypass the warehouse.

get to the place where you can pressthe buttons and press green

There is no password for Skarmory in Pokemon Rumble because Skarmory isn't in Pokemon Rumble. Pokemon Rumble only has Pokemon from the 1st generation (Red/Green/Blue) and the 4th generation (Pearl/Diamond/Platinum). Skarmory is a 2nd generation (Gold/Sliver/Crystal) Pokemon.

To get the password to the rocket warehouse first get the ruby at mt ember which is on one island then go to four island then go into icefall cave save lorelei after obtaining HM7 which is inside icefall cave then go to six island enter dotted hole and to do that use cut on the door next enter dotted hole fall into the hole then go up then left then right then down then grab the sapphire then chase the scientist who stole it then go to five island and now you can enter the rocket warehouse.

You have to go get the Ruby, and one of the Rockets will tell you the password, and then go get the Sapphire, and the Scientist will give you the second password.

With the dotted holes in leaf green, that is where you get one of the gems to get inside the Rocket Warehouse. Just have a Pokemon that knows cut, go up to it, then press START, POKEMON, ???, CUT. It's that easy!

Press A+B and turn ur emulator off. turn on again and it will appear!

It evolves into Swoobat when leveled up with high happiness. There is a Girl in Nacrene City who can judge your Pokemon's happiness. She lives in the Green Warehouse to the right of the Pokemon center.

To get in the warehouse in Pokemon leaf green, you first go to mt. ember (on island one) and there will be rockets and they are talking about a password, "Goldeen need log" they will catch you eavesdropping and battle you. inside the cave is a ruby you need to give to Celio for his machine. next, go to the ice cave and obtain waterfall. teach it to one of your Pokemon, and go up the waterfall and there will be Lorelei of the elite four talking to some rockets. you help her battle them and they leave. then go to the dotted hole on six island, its a chamber with braille writing. use cut outside of the door to enter. go through the tunnel and get the sapphire, but a rocket scientist takes it before you can and gives you the second password, "Yes, nah, Chansey." go to the warehouse and battle. you do not battle Giovanni during this, so you don't have to worry about them. I hope this has helped.

Not all Pokemon are green

Answerto get the second password, you go to six island, and go to the dotted hole south of the island. At the end a dude will steal the sapphire your trying to get and tell you the second password. Then head to the rocket hideoutthanks i was stuck

The second password is: "Yes, nah, Chansey". It can be found on Six Island Upon arriving head north into the Water Path, the go through the Green Path and after that, the Pattern Bush. Once you've exitted the Pattern Bush, surf north till you reach the Alternating Cave. Battle the Rocket member that is blocking the entrance for the second password.

there is no green in Pokemon heartgold

john deere drive green password

In Narcrene City there is a Green Warehouse next to the Poke' Center in there is a girl standing next to a Cottonee put the Poke'mon that you want to see how friendly they are in the first slot and talk to her she will give u an answer!!

There are alot of Pokemon in Leaf Green ( about 200).

Password. wawixhead real pass plss tap green.

there is no green type pokemon. Sorry

you ARE ash in Pokemon leaf green

No green orb exists in Pokemon emerald.

for the ruby its in mt ember, and for the sapphire its in the team rocket warehouse. but i think for the sapphire u have to do some stuff b4 u can get it. just look it up!

The original Pokemon Green came out only in Japan, in 1996. The remake of Green, Leaf Green, was released in 2004.