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Where do you get the legenderies arceus makes?


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Palkia pearl spehear pillar

Dialga diamond spehear pillar

Giratina Platnum reverse world

Pearl and diamond renigade cave

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im gonna answer it in one simple sintence... legenderies dont evolve as in no dialga dosent evolve into arceus

Pretty much all except the legenderies

you can't encounter Arceus in PMD sky. he only makes a cameo appearance at the top of the destiny tower.

to get an arceus that knows judgement,roar of time,shadow force and special rend type in this code: everyone makes caca sometimes

Give it an ancient plate to hold, you will find a number of these on you adventure. (e.g, a meadow plate makes arceus the grass type. Lets say you swapped items with Draco plate. Arceus is now a dragon type. )

Even though he has a gender you can't breed legenderies

Arceus Is Normal type...But Its Multi-type Ability Makes It Become The Type Of The Plate... That It If You Give Arceus Flame Plate..It Will Become Fire Type And Give Him Draco Plate It Will Become Dragon Type...And So On

I don't know all but some are:Dialga,Garatina,Mesprit,Uxie,Azelf,Deoxys,Shaymin, Arceus,Regigagas,Jirachi,Darkrai,Cresselia,Heatran,Manaphy,Rotom,Phione, and i think that's it. Some of them are hard to get.You can get alot of others by migrating or trading. -Zekromrocks

No, dialga and arceus are two totaly different Pokemon. dialga is the temporal Pokemon and arceus is the alpha Pokemon. In canalve city there is a legend that talks about a swirling tunnel of chaos and one Pokemon egg. The egg was Arceus, and it said from him self he made two others, dialga and palkia. then arceus formed azelf, mespirit, and uxie.

There is not an arceus trophy, and arceus was created after brawl, so arceus is not in brawl

you cant find as a TM but if you have arceus at level 100 it learns judgement which is a move that's type refers to the plate that arceus is holding for eg if you give arceus a splash plate arceus will turn into a water type Pokemon which makes judgement a water type move that can eazly defeat fire

without AR:rotom unown dialga giratina cresselia uxie azelf mespirit heatran regigigas phione.with AR:arceus darkrai.toys r us event:darkrai arceus.twitching:giratina arceus dialga.migration(pal park):lugia articuno moltres zapdos ho-oh regice regirock registeel jirachi.pokemon ranger:manaphy.

Action Replay A New Arceus Event-12th Movie Arceus Old Arceus Event

You have to have the Arceus event or have action replay code to get Arceus

no they can not come back the best way for you to get thm is to save before vs them

Arceus is not avabile. Right now, hack or use cheats to get Arceus.

zoroark is not stronger then arceus because arceus is the god pokemon and zoroak is not so how can zoroark can be stronger then arceus.

you cant, you absolutely NEED the flute to play the song, which makes the stairwell appear that leads to arceus

arceus is the alpha Pokemon

Yes Arceus is legendary

No, Arceus is unable to breed.

Arceus was created in 2006.

Depends on how you train it and what plate you give arceus. Probably arceus though...

Arceus is not in Explorers of Time or Explorers of Darkness. There is an Arceus statue in Explorers of Sky, but there is no real Arceus that will join your team.

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