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Where do you get the light ball in Pokemon Emerald?

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Well I have two answers here they are:

You get light ball by catching wild pickachu and just check if they are holding light ball.

Additionally, the light ball is obtainable by beating all of the levels of the trick house North of Slateport.

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Where do you get a light ball on Pokemon Emerald?

Wild Pikachu have a small chance to be holding a light ball in Pokemon Emerald. You could try catching Pikachu until you get one.

Where do you get the light ball in Pokemon white?

sadly u have to bring pikachu that has a light ball from emerald

Where can you get the light ball in Pokemon FireRed?

Where to get a Light Ball:You canNOT get a LIGHT BALL in Pokemon Fire Red, You can, however, get it from wild Pikachu at Pokemon Emerald, Ruby or Sapphire with 5% chances of getting one

How do you get the light ball for Pikachu?

well i know on Pokemon emerald, when you catch a pikachu, it is already holding a light ball

Where do you get a light ball in Pokemon XD?

You can't get that in XD gale of darkness only in emerald.

How do you get a light ball in Pokemon Emerald?

Light Ball in EmeraldYou must keep catching Pikachus in the safari zone and if you are lucky one will have a light ball equipped to it. Hope this helped, Good luck to ya, mate! If you catch a Pikachu, there is a small chance that he/she will be holding it.

Where can you buy timer ball in Pokemon emerald?

you cant get a timer ball in emerald

How do you get a dark ball in Pokemon emerald version?

You can not get a dusk ball in emerald. It is impossible i think! You Can't Get A Dusk Ball in Emerald!

Can you get Light ball in Pokemon Emerald?

put a pikachu first in your party then go in safari zone and catch pikachus until you get a light ball took me about 30 pikachus

How do you get a heavy ball in Pokemon Emerald?

Heavy balls are not available in pokemon emerald, but they are available in pokemon heartgold and soulsilver

Where can you get a timer ball in Pokemon Emerald?

Go to Rustboro pokemart. this doesnt work you can not get a timer ball in Pokemon emerald You can get it from the pokemart where Devon is :) By Awestly

Where to get shadow ball in emerald?

You cannot get shadow balls in Pokemon Emerald

How do you get a Pikachu that knows volt tackle on Pokemon LeafGreen version?

first breed a pikachu with light ball in Pokemon emerald then trade it to Pokemon leaf green

What is a Light Ball in Emerald?

a light ball is a hold item that you can get from a pikachu. It is really rare to catch a pikachu holding a light ball. If you caught a pikachu with a light ball in emerald/sapphire/ruby you can breed it with another pikachu, then the Pokemon egg you get is a pichu that knows how to use Volt Tackle. Volt Tackle is a move that causes a high damage but it has a recoil damage too.

What ball do you use to catch latias in Pokemon emerald?

a master ball!!!

How can you get a Light Ball on Pokemon diamond pearl or emerald?

its really hard to get a light ball, theres a 5 % that a Pikachu can be holding it. Make sure you have the TM thief or covet or you, won't know if it is holding a light ball or not so make sure you have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is there a light ball in Pokemon Yellow?

There is no Light Ball item in Pokemon Yellow.

Is there a way to get a light ball Pokemon emerald?

yes, you must catch a pikachu holding it if you breed the pikachu with the light ball the pichu will know volt tackle and surf... no not surf i know this because i caught 2 pikachu and one had a light ball

Who gives you the dark ball in Pokemon emerald?

No one.

How do you copy a master ball on Pokemon Emerald Version?

You can copy a master ball on Pokemon Emerald by having one of your friends that has one sign on to their ds and connect the two. Then they can give it to you in the Pokemon center.

What to do after you get the master ball in Pokemon emerald?

capture legendary Pokemon like rayquaza.

How do you catch the lengendary Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

With an ultra ball or master ball in sky tower. The name of it is Rayquaza :)

How do you get a Pokemon out of its ball and it will follow you on Pokemon emerald?

you dont.... anyone who you have seen who has a pokemon follow them is a hacker

How do you get a second masterball in Pokemon Emerald?

I dont think you can get another Master Ball in Pokemon Emerald Version. If you have seen people with more then 1 Master Ball, they´ve used a hack to clone the Master Ball.

Pokemon emerald how to get a master ball?

Somewhere in the aqua hideout you can find a master ball.

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