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Where do you get the poke flute in Pokemon Silver?

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2011-06-10 23:09:49

"Where_are_you,_Poke_Flute?" id="Where_are_you,_Poke_Flute?">Where

are you, Poke Flute?

Did you go through the radio tower crisis and save the director


if you did he gives you a card for your pokegear that allows you

to tune into the kanto radio.

Now go to the radio on your pokegear and tune it really high

eventually you will find a song called poke flute now play that

song near snorlax then speak to snorlax it will wake up and attack


The poke flute is a hidden radio channel in the pokegear. Go to

the top star and it should be a poke flute. Once you have this

playing go up to snorlax click on him and he shall battle you. Be

aware that he is at level fifty and is very strong. Therefore I

would advise that you save before battling.

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